When Alyssa has been being watched and followed by (idk stay tuned to find out) then kidnapped, what is her next fate?


5. My Roomie's Note

Alyssa's P.O.V

"The stealing games," Colette replies, as she throws a pillow to the floor, and jumps off the top bunk to it.

"I'm sorry...what the hell is that?!" I say back.

"So it's where-"

But Colette never got to tell me. Zander burst into our room and yelled for my new roomie to get her ass into the kitchen, where women like us belong.

He grabbed Colette by her boney, pale wrist. She gave me the slightest nod as she shut the steal door. And that look made me feel, believe it or not, comforted. Like she would always be back for me.

So there I was. Just me, my old Polaroid camera with all the film taken out, and the lumpy pillow that Colette...kept on the ground. Something made me look over at it, and I'm glad I did.

Inside was a bunch of crumpled up paper. First off that is SUCH a waste of paper! And second, these cheapskates captured us. They can't get us proper pillows?!

But one piece of paper stuck out to me. Maybe because it was in front. Maybe because it was the only paper that was folded rather than crushed. Or, just MAYBE, because it had "READ ME!!" written in what looked like black colored pencil.

I don't know about you guys, but when graph paper barks orders at me, I listen. And I did. The note read,

"Hi. I don't know if I got to meet you, but if you're reading this, I'm gone. If you ever get a new roommate, you will probably be gone very soon as well. I bet you wanna know why that is. It's because of, what me and the girls call, the stealing games. I doubt you know this but there are rival gangs in Florida. Six of em. As I'm sure you know, in a bet, there's always something you have to put on the line, something of value. That's where we girls come in. Sure, the bets started out small, but these bastards got so caught up in trying to win the war, it's turned into a slave betting thing. If I were you, I'd get on these boys good sides, they are the nicest gang. I would know, I've been through all six. But honey, believe me when I say, I'm coming back. Me and some other girls are gonna try and get you all out. You can join us. If you're in, the next note will be revealed if you can solve this "brain buster". Be a bad girl and you'll see, where you'll find my next mystery. Hope to see you soon. Love, Colette.

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