When Alyssa has been being watched and followed by (idk stay tuned to find out) then kidnapped, what is her next fate?


3. Ground Rules

Alyssa's P.O.V.

I drearily wake up still on the floor of the cold hard basement. It was sad really. I could've made it out, but they were surrounding me, and I wasn't able to get up.

"Ok, well you already know the first rule," Archer says, "don't lie to us. We could be testing you like we just did, and then you get beaten. Secondly, don't even try to get out, don't try to contact your parents, they think you ran away."

"Wait, what?" I say confused and dazed.

"You'll find out soon. And rule three, don't talk to us if we didn't talk to you. Got me?" And with that, Hunter ducktaped my mouth shut. "That'll teach you to keep your fucking mouth shut. Break any of these rules, you get beaten or...well, let's see if you find out,"

As he was talking, I was licking the ducktape and it peeled right off. "But you did talk to me," I say.

Brodie walked up to me and punched me straight in the lip. My mouth went numb at that instant, but yet I could still taste the warm, metallicy taste of blood. It dripped down to my chin and to the cold, metal floor.

The boys then pulled me up and practically dragged me to the second floor of the house. Two flights of fucking stairs! Like, they couldn't even vacuum? They went to the first room on the right and yanked open the door. I was surprised that the room looked decent.

"Hey," Archer says way to nicely, "why don't you go look in the drawers, and the bathroom ones?"

"Um...ok?" I say, miraculous that he actually has a nice tone in his voice. Even if it's sarcastic.

But what was in the dresser drawers and bathroom drawers surprised me. All my clothes, makeup, hair stuff, tooth brushes and tooth paste, and shampoo and conditioner. Anything someone would need if they ran away.

That's what they meant. I backed away in horror and shock. Ran away, ran away, ran away circled in my mind. They then slammed the door. But the thing I REALLY wasn't expecting, was another girl, on the top bunk of a bed.

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