She's a good girl.
He doesn't know anything about good.

He's a bad boy.
She doesn't do anything bad.


1. Chapter One

    "You don't normally come here, do you?" someone asked from behind me. I spun around to face them.

    "No, why?" I said.

    "You aren't dancing, drinking, making out, or even talking to anybody," the male said.

    "I don't go to parties. I don't even know why I let my friend talk me into it," I said.

    "Want to dance with me?" he asked.

     "I'll pass," I said.

    "Come on, loosen up! It's just a dance," he said.

    "If I say yes will you stop pestering me?" I snapped. He smirked.

    "Sure," he said.

    I followed him into another room. It stunk of alcohol. I already know this is a bad idea. Why would I agree to dance with someone I don't even know?

    We stopped in a less crowded part of the room and started dancing. I may hate parties, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to dance.

    "I don't even know your name," I pointed out to the stranger moving in front of me.

    "Louis Tomlinson. And what would be your name, love?" he said.

    "Emma Jones," I yelled through the loud music. The music suddenly slowed, me rolling my eyes. Why now?

    Louis smirked, moving closer and resting his hand on the small on my back. I sighed and put my arms around his neck, moving along with the music.

    "Are you starting college?" he asked.

    "Yes, are you?" I asked.

    "Next week. I've got to get my fun in now, since I'll be stuck in prison for months," he said.

    "How is college prison? It's not like your forced to go," I said.

    "Pretty much. My mum is making me or I have to move out and find somewhere to live," he said.

    "Why?" my nosey self is butting in. I always have to know more then necessary.

    "Let's just say I've gotten myself into a lot of trouble," he said, a smirk making it's way onto his face. So he is one of those boys. I moved out of his grasp and turned to walk away.

    "Where are you going?" he said.

    "Away from you. I know guys like you. They aren't any good," I said and kept walking.

    I went to find Lily and tell her that I'm going home. Lily may be my best friend, but I'm never letting her talk me into going to a party again.

    "Lily!" I yelled once I spotted her talking to some guy I've never seen before. Her eyes scanned the room until they landed on me. She turned to the person and said something, before making her way over to me.

    "Hey, Em! Having fun?" she asked.

    "No! I'm leaving," I said.

    "Aww, why?" she asked.

    "Parties are not my thing, you know that," I said.

    "Did you at least talk to one guy?" she asked.

    "Yeah, and I will hopefully never see him again," I said.

    "Who?" she asked.

    "Louis Tomlinson was his name," I said.

    "No way! You talked to him? He's so popular! He doesn't ever go up to anyone!" she exclaimed.

    "Well he did go up to me! He wanted to dance. Not a good idea. Now I'm leaving," I said.

    "Why aren't you going to talk to him again? Em, he's hot. All the girls want him. And if he came up to you, he obviously thinks you're good looking. Which you are!" she said.

    "Lil, he's a jerk. We were talking about college and he is a bad boy. Totally not a guy I'm looking for," I said. Lily sighed.

    "Okay, fine. But you're missing out big time with Louis. I'll call you tomorrow!" she said as I started walking away.

    I found my way to my car and turned the heat on. The weather hasn't been kind the last few weeks. Winter is definitely here.

    Once I got home, I went upstairs to my bedroom and put on some pajamas before crawling in bed and reaching for my book. I read probably twenty pages before laying it down and falling to sleep.



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