Double Love

Ariana Grandes life has taken a sharp turn when she meets one direction after jai brooks breaks her heart. Liam and Louis make her feel special, but what of it's too much? And what if Zayn still has feelings for her?

First book of the 'double' series


2. chapter 2

Arianas p.o.v.

"Ariana were not staying here" jai laughed

"Then where?" I giggled back.

"Hotel, lego" he jumped away as I followed. The whole ride was boring and long. Until he talked.

"So you havin fun with Mac now eh?" He laughed.

"Nah" I smiled

"Oh " he frowned "I know you did"

"I really didn't, the kiss was for the video." I got pissed.

"Well so far your a good kisser with him" he drove.

"It's not like I can make a video or song with you guys, I mean if love it but you guys can't cuz ur too busy" I rolled my eyes. Ha.

"Why don't you just pick up and leave us alone then." He growled.

"What's your problem?" I asked

"You obviously. Cheater."

I got out soaked in tears. The highway was longer then ever.

"Ariana no , I'm sorry"

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