Double Love

Ariana Grandes life has taken a sharp turn when she meets one direction after jai brooks breaks her heart. Liam and Louis make her feel special, but what of it's too much? And what if Zayn still has feelings for her?

First book of the 'double' series


1. chapter 1

I woke up on the warmest day in Australia. The plane had numerous windows and the morning light shined through. I was about the only person awake. I hit a button that was labled "press for assistance" In seconds a very nice blonde plane assistant was at my shoulder.

"Hello, Miss need anything?" She smiled. She looked like a model from the orbit commercial.

"I'd like to know if I could have a coffee." I asked.

"Wait, with sugar and milk" I laughed a little loud. She went off into the snack area and I leaned back and pulled my phone out. I saw a message from jai and a message from Frankie. Jai is my boyfriend, Frankie's my brother. I pulled up jai first. It said," I'll pick you up from the airport" and Frankie's said"call me when you get off". Frankie always made sure I was safe. Even if I was packed with armor. He was my armor.

The lady came back and I took a sip of the coffee. My phone buzzed and it was a twitter notification from a fan. It said, @arianagrande I love you so much more than grande coffee". I felt generous so I tweeted back and followed her. It makes me feel so good knowing that a fan spends a minute tweeting me.

Shortly, the announcements went off and said that we were landing. I was pretty sure everyone woke up from that. I put my stuff away in my carry on bag Frankie gave me for a present. In 10 short minutes, the flight landed and I was heading out the door. I was almost out when they assistant stopped me, when everyone got off.

"Excuse me Miss but are you THE Ariana Grande?" She looked excited.

"Yea I am haha nice to meet you, and you can call me Ari" I laughed.

"My daughters love your music and your show, can I get an autograph and picture?" She handed me a paper.

"Of course, haha sorry about my outfit choice" I noticed I was in pajamas.

"It's totally ok" she laughed as she snapped a picture and I signed her paper.

"Thanks so much" she jumped.

I started to walk off and look for jai. I knew it would take a while to notice him. I saw a certain short guy when I went up and tapped him. Jai hugged me and lifted me in the air.

"YOURE HERE" he smiled

"Yeah, but I'm so excited to see you." We laughed and headed to his car.

Beau was in the car ready to drive when we hopped in.

"Hey ariana" he put a funny face on.

"BEAU" I hugged him.

The drive was a long two hours but we finally reached the house. I ran to the couch and lay down of exaustion.

Then I heard luke scream and he came and jumped on the couch.


"COMINNG" skip ran through the hallway then fell on the end. I laughed even louder with all the boys.

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