Flesh And Bone

They should have left the door shut on the way out...


3. 3

As we paced the dimly lit halls, silent aside from the occasional clang of metal, or creaking of pipes, looking in on each room, it occurred to me that something was amiss. Then it struck me. The equipment, it was all left behind. Notepads sprawled on every side, vats left full of strange chemicals, even cups of coffee left on desks, half drunk. Ciel, being a keen photojournalist, was voraciously taking snaps of each room we passed. lowering the camera she spoke. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" She asked. "Yeah. Someone was in a goddamned rush."  She peered around. "Seems like everyone was in a goddamned rush..." She piped in.


We had almost paced the length of the main building now, and we drew to a halt at a hatch door. Upon it was written, "Warning, Testing Chamber 01: Highest Security Required. It was sealed shut with a turnable pressure seal, a wheel fastened to the front of the door, submarine style. "Gonna take the plunge then, big boy?" Joked Ciel. "Ladies first..." Came my slick reply. "Pussy" she muttered under her breath as she pushed past me, turning the wheel with some difficulty.

The heavy door swung open.


The clanging noise was instantly louder...

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