Flesh And Bone

They should have left the door shut on the way out...


2. 2.

We used wire cutters to bypass the fence, then continued to the main building. The place was obviously abandoned, apparently BioTek had been having some "management" issues of late, had to pull out of the whole state. And looking at their records, they pulled out fast, in a week they had sold or closed all facilities, without even consulting local councils, and laid off hundreds of workers without explanation. Seems suspicious to me, as though they were running from something.


Now I didn't care if it was a bum deal, bankruptcy,or even the frickin' mafia that drove them out. That wasn't why we were there. No, I was there for a much simpler job. Locals had been reporting bumps in the night, strange noises, shit like that. I was visiting this dump at the time ( between jobs, see) and I thought hey, why not cover a nice lil' ghost story from Ciel's hometown. She agreed. And I began my background research.


It all got interesting when a kid and a cop went missing. Kid went first, probably looking for some mischief and got lost, then the cop who was sent looking for him went. Gone, both of them.


Seems no one put bumps in the night, and mysterious dissapearances together. Doesn't surprise me in this tiny backwater community. The police department is dumb and lazy here. Fine by me, just makes my job easier.



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