The Sky's the Limit

Lydia has always been her own person, and a lot of people like her for that, she's worked her way up in social status without changing anything about her, and now she's got it all. It's nice to be idolized, but Lydia doesn't feel that people really understand her like they should, that is, until Skylar Cade. Skylar's the new boy in town, but he's different, an outcast as some might say. He's a skater boy, a tough guy with an empty heart, he isn't understood, and never wants to be, until Lydia comes long. In this story, anything is possible because the Sky truly is the limit.


3. The Eyes Tell it All

Skylar's POV

I walked into my first class of the day, Math. I walked over to the back and sat down in the last seat in the first row, setting my books and folders on my desk and looking around the room. It was your average class; the occasional poster, beige walls and about 2 windows on the far wall. I watched as other students started filling in the other empty desks until the only empty one left was the one next to mine, and to my great surprise, it was the seat that Lydia decided to take. She sat down and set her stuff on the floor and pulled out a pencil just as the bell rang and our professor walked in.

"Good Morning class and welcome to your first day back at Ridgedale High School." he said in his overly loud voice.

I looked at the name tag hanging from his front pocket on his shirt and read the name: Professor Branchworth, along with an unappealing picture of the old man.

He looked about 65 maybe 70 with hardly any hair and as big as a house. I couldn't see how anyone could ever be as big as he is and as old as he was and successfully teach a math class.

It was a pretty uneventful period. Professor Branchworth gave us some paperwork for our parents and told us the rules and we had free time for the rest of the 30 minutes we had left in the period.

I just sat there while everyone else talked, occasionally looking out the window, when that familiar voice said my name.

"Skylar?" it was Lydia.


Lydia's POV

Professor Branchworth gave us free time for the rest of the period, and as soon as the girls started talking about cheerleading I made a quick exit and went to search for new conversation. I looked around the room and found that Skylar was next to me, alone and not talking to anyone, so I decided to give him a try.

"Skylar?" I asked

He looked over at me, a but shocked I guess that I was talking to him.

"Um, what do you want." he responded, flipping his hair so it would cover his right eye.

"Well, you looked kinda lonely, wondered if you wanted to talk?" I started off carefully.

"Not much to talk about is there." he responded in a boring tone.

"Sure there is! I mean, you're brand new, so tell me about yourself! C'mon that's something easy." I said trying to be enthusiastic.

"Maybe for you, Princess." I ignored the nickname and pressed him for questions.

"How about I make this easy. Where are you from?"

"California" he said smirking at the word.

"What do you like to do?"

"Skateboard, music, sketching, and sleep." I giggled when he said sleep.

Then I thought back to homeroom, he didn't answer my question, so now was the time to ask again.

"Back in homeroom, you said it was pretty obvious how you knew about the real me. How is that?" I asked him, looking at him and trying to pressure him to answer.

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled slightly, chuckling a little.

"It's pretty easy to see that you hat the popularity, it's also easy to see that you actually have a heart and a brain too. You care about people, and you're smart when it comes to any kinda problem." He looked at me like I was stupid.

"I know that, but how, how can you tell!" I asked him urgently, desperate for an answer.

"Why are you so eager to know?" he retorted.

I relaxed a little, letting the reason wash over me like a wave.

"It's just that, no one ever notices that side of me..." I trailed off and looked at the floor.

"It's in your eyes." I looked up at him when he spoke.

"What?" I questioned.

"I said it's in your eyes, one look at them, and anyone could see it. It's your eyes, Lydia, that's how I know." just then the bell rang and everyone ran out including Skylar, leaving me at my desk in confusion.

If he can tell me who I am by looking into my eyes, then why can't anyone else see it...

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