The Sky's the Limit

Lydia has always been her own person, and a lot of people like her for that, she's worked her way up in social status without changing anything about her, and now she's got it all. It's nice to be idolized, but Lydia doesn't feel that people really understand her like they should, that is, until Skylar Cade. Skylar's the new boy in town, but he's different, an outcast as some might say. He's a skater boy, a tough guy with an empty heart, he isn't understood, and never wants to be, until Lydia comes long. In this story, anything is possible because the Sky truly is the limit.


1. Different

Lydia's POV

You wouldn't know it by talking to me, you wouldn't tell it by the way I dress, but I'm wrapped up in that well known little loop called popularity. Sure it might sound grand to supposed outsiders, but trust me, experience it once then you've experienced it for the rest of your life. Yup, it's always the same, day after day, being followed by hoards of "friends", people constantly talking to you, guys always hitting on you, people trying to be you. I personally hate it, and I didn't even try to get here. I used to be normal, not classified as anything but me. That's what got me into this mess though, being myself. People never really take the time to examine you anymore, never take the time to get to know you, maybe you do one great thing in your life and it could change your life forever, or just keep it the same. It all depends on whose watching. Me, I was unlucky enough to have a lot of people there to see. It was nothing really special, all I did was sing for the stupid school talent show, but that's all it took. Soon everyone at school liked me, wanted to be my friends, wanted my attention. At first, I thought it was great, but as it grew on, it got to be like a living hell. That's all my life really is anymore, but each and every day I put on a brave face and strut around with all of those "followers". None of them really know me though, and no one probably ever will, cause this is me, it's just that no one ever cares to notice what's on the inside.


Skylar's POV

Life sucks. I said it, and I mean it. Tomorrow I go to another new school, fifth new school this year, and probably not the last. I'm not the greatest of people, I'm the kind you usually would give dirty looks to, or no looks at all. I don't mind that though, by not getting close to people, they don't get close to me, simple. You could call me many things, skater, loser, punk, bad boy. I take all the titles of that nature, and I'm fine with it for the most part. Most people think I'm strange, after all, how many boys from California do you see strutting around the East Side of the country with snakebites, eye covering black bangs, and a bad attitude. if you know any, let me know, cause I'd be glad to meet them. It's be nice to find someone different like me, but who am I kidding, stuff like that doesn't happen in real life. No, real life for me, well, it's a lonely punk with a skateboard, riding the streets of life, cause that's all that's ever gonna really matter.

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