The Sky's the Limit

Lydia has always been her own person, and a lot of people like her for that, she's worked her way up in social status without changing anything about her, and now she's got it all. It's nice to be idolized, but Lydia doesn't feel that people really understand her like they should, that is, until Skylar Cade. Skylar's the new boy in town, but he's different, an outcast as some might say. He's a skater boy, a tough guy with an empty heart, he isn't understood, and never wants to be, until Lydia comes long. In this story, anything is possible because the Sky truly is the limit.


2. Day One

Skylar's POV

Today is the day I start at my new school. I don't expect much, hell, I'm not even the slightest bit excited. I already got in my Mom's car since she agreed to drive me on my first day. It was dead silent in the car with both of us in there. Since my Dad and my brother Milo died in a car crash, my mother hasn't had a conversation in two years. The most you'll ever get out of her is a nod or shake of the head, or maybe a one word answer. She use to be a great person, but then again, losses can change even the greatest of people. I'm use to the silence now though, just another day in this hell I call a life. We pulled up to a big building with large glass doors, teenagers walking in and disappearing inside the building. I sighed before I looked at my mother and  nodded to her before climbing out of the car and swinging my backpack over my shoulder. I closed the passenger door behind me and walked away from the vehicle as my mom drove away. I stood there infront of the doors, eyeing them, trying to get a feel of the school, what to expect. I didn't mind the people milling around me, gently bumping up against me when I was in there way, except when I was shoved to the ground.

I looked up to the sound of idiotic laughter coming up from above me. Looming over me was a group of football jocks. One of them, the leader,  I had assumed, nudged me in the ribs with his foot.

"Well what do we have here, boys?" he asked the rest of the groups.

"Looks like a little punk!" says a tall boy standing next to him, the right hand man.

"I think you're right, Michael! Bet you this is that new kid everyones been expecting. Aww, guess we'll go easy on you this week, being your first and all. See ya in class, Punk!" The Leader said as he walked off with his gang of friends.

I stood up and dusted myself off then walked over to the doors myself and walked inside. The school was huge! Teens were running all over the place, goofing off, milling about in there own little posse's. Typical behavior, just with more people. I looked at the signs on the walls and found the one that directed me to the main office. I walked over there, getting strange looks while doing so, but not caring as I stepped into the office. I walked up to the front desk lady.

"Can I help you?" she said nonchalantly, not even looking up from her computer screen.

"I'm new" was all I said, glaring at her with defiance like I usually do.

"Name?" she said with a bored tone.

"Skylar Cade" I stated, looking at the woman.

She shuffled through a few folders on her desk then grasped one and held it out to me.

"Here, this is all of your room assignments and your schedule. If you have any problems come to the office and someone will assist you with sorting them out. Have a nice day." she had a very boring and monotone voice.

I walked out of the office with my papers and opened them up the first page where my home room assignment was labeled. Room 201 (Second Floor). I looked around for a stairwell, finding one quickly and ascending it as fast as I could. When I found the second floor I walked out into the hallway and searched for room 201 which turned out to be right in front of me. I looked back at my paper and found my locker number: 2457. I looked down the rows and found mine was second from the beginning. I looked back at the paper and found the combination. Slowly I turned the dial, right to 45, left to 10, and right to 32. The door opened. I started to put my stuff in my locker, getting out the textbooks I was sent and all the other supplies I needed, but then I heard the sound of a large group coming towards me. I looked up and noticed a swarm of people following a girl to her locker, all of them fighting for her attention like she was a celebrity. In the group was the gang of football players that I saw earlier. The girl leading the group walkd up next to me, not even giving me a glance and started to turn the dial on the locker next to me, the first one in the row. She disappeared from my view when the swarm of people surrounded her, but then the bell rung and the group dispersed, but she wasn't there after they left, almost like she disappeared into thin air.

I stood up with my stuff and walked into my homeroom. My teacher was a dorky looking dude with spikey hair and glasses, along with a slight nervous tick. He walked up to me quickly with a big smile on his face.

"You must be Skylar, right? It's great to have you here, I'm Mr. Stewart, and this is gonna be your homeroom this year." he grabbed my hand and shook it quickly without asking my permission.

"There's an empty seat over there next to Joe, so you can just sit there!" he says as he leads me to an empty seat next to a chunky nerd kid reading about some book on trains.

He smiled at me and walked away. I slumped down in my seat and put my stuff on my shared table with the nerd. Bored, I looked around the room for something. I looked next to me at the next table and saw that in the seat closest to me was that girl. Most of the popular kids were surrounding her again, but she seemed to just ignore him while she continued to read a thick book. She was actually really pretty. She had short, layered brown hair that was longer on the right side. At it's longest point, it came an inch below her jaw bone. Her skin was slightly tanned from the sun and she had liquid chocolate brown eyes. She was definitely the most popular in the school, and way out of my league. I still stared though, after all, what's wrong with looking?


Lydia's POV

It was hard concentrating on my book with all of those damn people talking around me. I had half a mind to yell at them to be quiet, but thought otherwise, to wrapped up in the book anyhow. I was reading, and partially listening to the snippets of conversation going on around me when I felt the sensation of unfamiliar eyes watching me from my right. I felt a chill go up my spine as I looked over at my right to find my eyes met with a pair of sky blue ones. I looked at the face that the belonged too, and found that is was of a boy's. I had never seen him here before. He was definitely different compared to everybody else. He had jet black, medium length hair, a little bit longer than most guy and had bangs that covered up one of his eyes slightly. He had a normal complexion, and was actually pretty cute, except for the player like smirk on his face that most of the guys use when they're around me.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked him, cocking my head to the side.

He chuckled a bit, before speaking.

"Didn't think you noticed!" he said in a smartass manner.

"Well, turns out I did. My name's Lydia, Lydia Chaikowsky. Who are you?" I said, holding my hand out toward him to shake.

"Skylar, Skylar Cade. I'm the new kid, not that someone as high and mighty as yourself would care my lady." he sounded pretty arrogant, mocking me like that. If only he knew.

"I care, just not sure in what way." I replied hesitantly.

"You're different aren't you." he said, more of a statement than a question.

"How so?" I stated, a bit taken aback by his comment.

"You aren't like them." he nodded his head towards the group of "friends" behind me," You don't like the popularity of it all, you feel more don't you?" he questioned.

I just looked at him with a blank stare, not believing what I was hearing. Could this be, for the first time, I was actually being seen? Could it be that he could actually tell who I really am? How the Hell does this boy know all of that?

"Guess I was wrong then." he said as he turned away from me.

"Wait!" he stopped and turned to face me again.

"Yes?" he responded.

"How do you know all that?" I asked?

"It's pretty obvious." he replied, looking at me like I was stupid.

I noticed his class schedule was sitting out, so I reached over and grabbed it, looking at it. His schedule was exactly the same as mine! I had to know more about this kid, he may be weird, but he seems to understand, and I would do anything to be understood again.

I put his schedule back on his desk, getting an odd glance from him. I started to say something, but the bell rang and he left before I could even say a word.

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