Its Eating Me Alive.

When Claire becomes very ill, she doesn't want to start anything she can't finish. She only has her bestfriend Kelsey. She won't let anyone in. She keeps a promise to herself that no one will. get close to her, because she doesn't know when her last day is.
What happens when she meets Harry Styles? He makes her feel special. She knows she can't let him get close. He tries his hardest to try to convince her. Will he try hard enough?


1. Modeling

Claire's POV.

'Claire come on! We have to go!' My bestfriend Kelsey yelled. I really didn't want to go and model today. I just felt a bit under the weather, my throat hurt, I felt weak, I didn't feel like doing anything. Even though everything hurt I had to go. I got up off the couch in my dressing room and slipped on my clothes. I could barely stand it felt like my bones were hurting. I finally got to sit down when I got to hair and makeup. Kelsey was sitting beside me blabbing on about some new guy at our school, yes i'm still in school, I just blurred her out. I began to feel a little dizzy..

'Claire head up! Yes! Yes! Just like that!' My boss, Haley screamed. Haley and I was pretty good friends, at times she would get a bit annoying though. I have been here for two hours and wasn't feeling any better. I only had less than half an hour here. Haley kept asking me if I was alright and she just kept on and on but I knew I couldn't say anything. I couldn't afford losing this job.

As you can see I have a pretty good life, but when I was little my life wasn't so great, my family is very poor. I used to get made fun of everyday because I had to buy my clothes at goodwill and things like that. People would always say 'Your face is beautiful but your clothes. Ew.' So I decided I would help my parents out. I got a job as a model and sent some money to my parents when they needed it.

'Claire get our of your thoughts and smile!' I smiled but didn't feel like it. I began to feel dizzy again. Haley told me to go change for our last session of pictures. I stood up and got lightheaded I thought is was because I stood up to fast. So I kept walking. I was about off the platform I was on. Then my body went numb and I collapsed. Haley and Kelsey ran over and hovered over me. I tried pushing them off but I couldn't move. The the darkness started puling me under. The last thing I remember is ambulance's sirens and paramedics pulling Haley and Kelsey off of me the I passed out.

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