Aldrin's Cover Gallery

What used to be the crown jewel and centre piece of my profile on Movellas, "Secret's Cover Store" is now just my gallery. Take a look around at my work, but I shall not be making covers for people any time soon, so if you ask of such, I'm afraid I will have to decline. - Aldrin


24. Covers for "Don't Take Me For Granted"

~ Covers for "Don't Take Me For Granted" by
Crown of Shadownight

For some reason, I'm starting to think that the Shadownights like me, but I'm not sure...

Quite dreamy. Sad in ways. But I wasn't sure whether the guitar would be a problem.


You might of seen this before on 'Covers for "He"' but I thought I'd reuse it for this occasion.

Ah, the stars. Billions of them, each one bigger than the earth but as delicate as the flowers.

Told you I would get them done quickly. I keep my word.
But if you feel they may of been done too quickly and are rushed, come find me! I'll be there in a jiffy!

Have a marvelous day
- Secrets Unfold


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