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What used to be the crown jewel and centre piece of my profile on Movellas, "Secret's Cover Store" is now just my gallery. Take a look around at my work, but I shall not be making covers for people any time soon, so if you ask of such, I'm afraid I will have to decline. - Aldrin


15. Covers for "Dance of Possession"

~ Covers for "Dance of Possession" by Charred-Within ~

First book where I was requested with a subtitle.
I like 'em, gives more flavour to the covers. People should have more subtitles.

So this is the closest I could get to your request. In fact, it's better than I pictured of your request; but that is my opinion.

So here is a bit of a mysterious looking woman, she doesn't look happy...

The violin is always seen as romantic, it can possess your hips...
If you look back to my other covers on "Your Dark Rune", you'll see I used the same image, for I do like this image.

And a basic, rather eerie man.

Well there you are! Sorry I couldn't find many related images to your request, but I hope my 'substitutes' will satisfy.
Have any problem with the covers? Contact me! Never be afraid that I will freak out or be heart broken, your the priority so no use crying.

Have a marvelous day
- Secrets Unfold


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