He Found Me

Hello I am a Junior in high school, I am 16 and life can be difficult. There is the pressure of school, extra curricular activities and having a job. There is nothing more I've ever wanted than to get away. I didn't have that many friends, so its not like they would miss me, the thing I would have to worry about most is my cat. I always had these weird dreams they started a few years back. There was this man, he was called The Doctor(Matt Smith), he was a beautiful person. He traveled around in a blue box, he called it something but I don't remember what. We would go on these crazy adventures until I would eventually wake up. I wished he was real, maybe he could save me from my boring little world.


1. Chapter 1

"Ky!" The Doctor shouted. "What?" I turned into him. "Those are Weeping Angels, keep looking at it. Don't blink!" "What happens if I blink?" "You'll die." "Slowly back up into the.." Oh what is it called? I thought as I wrote this down.

I was sitting in math class trying to remember this dream I had last night. I've been having these dreams since I was ten years old. I could never remember what the blue box was called. I continued writing anyway.

"Slowly back up into the blue box! Don't take your eyes off of it!" "Doctor!" I screamed. "I told you not to blink!" He pulled me in to the blue box and shut the door. "That was a close call." he said. "Just a little." I sighed of relief. He went over to the center of the blue box, it was much much bigger on the inside. He laughed a little. "So, where are we going next?" "School." he said. "School? Out of all time and space, school?" "Yes." I looked up and back at the doctor only to see him fading. "Bye, for now." He smiled. I woke up. "Honey, its time to get up for school." My mom was sitting on the edge of my bed. "Another dream." I whispered.

 I sat there daydreaming in class about The Doctor, everything he had to offer, his eyes were a greenish hazel color and his hair, oh god his hair. It was a dirty blond color and they way it flowed is almost hard to describe. It was beautiful. He always wore a bow tie. He must have a thing with bow ties. Every once in awhile he wore a fez. Silly man. I'd give anything to be with him, to say he was real.

The day dragged on and I went home, I was sitting on my bed on my phone. Tumblr. My blog was random, really really random, it went from quotes about love to Taylor Swift to stupidly funny text posts. When I finally had enough of that I plugged my phone in. I was still in my jeans and shirt. Oh well, I was to lazy to change. I closed my eyes.

That sound the blue box makes, I heard it. I sat up. I need to stop having these dreams. The Doctor came out. "Well what are you waiting for?" he asked me. "What do you mean?" "Aren't you coming?" "Just so I can wake up and have to go back to school tomorrow?" I asked. "You aren't asleep." "What do you mean I'm not asleep? You aren't real." "I'm not? I feel pretty real." "How?" I asked. "I've been watching you, sorry sounds kind of creepy, but I've been in your dreams. I'm aware of it. I was giving you something to look forward too." "Doctor.." I said. "I think you're old enough now, you can come with if you want. I've been waiting a few years.." He sounded hopeful. "What about school?" I asked. "Funny thing about time machines." "I've dreamed about the day you'd come take me away." "Sometimes dreams really do come true. So what do you say? I wanna come with?" He smiled. I ran over to him and hugged him. "Of course I do." I smiled.



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