Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


16. The Bet

Chapter 16: The Bet

December 4, Day 12, 3:06 A.M. 


Aren't you somethin' to admire?

'Cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror

And I can't help but notice

You reflect in this heart of mine




I heard two voices walk up the stairs to the bus. I heard them stop outside the bus. 

“Harry! I’m not going to wear this all the time! It’s something one of your fangirls would want, but not me.”

“You don’t want a shirt with One Direction’s one and only Harry Styles on it? That’s new.” 

I smirked. Those two hated each other with all their heart. I went to go sit down next to Liam, Zayn and Niall who were all playing a game of FIFA. I had gotten up to get some tea. 

“Hey, lads.”

I heard mutters of: “Hi, Louis.” “‘Sup.” and “Hey.”. 

“So, lads do you want to make a bet?” They paused the game.

“Louis last time you wanted us to make a bet, if we lost, we had to lick the toilet a hundred times,” Zayn glared at me. “Plus, all your dares are dumb. ‘How many tangerines can you fit in your mouth.’” He mocked.

“This time it’s gonna’ be different,” I had a one-sided grin latched onto my face. 

“How is this different?” Liam asked. I guess I had peeked their interest.

The door opened. Ellie and Harry walked in. 

“I’ll tell you later.” I looked at Harry and Ellie. Harry whispered something in her ear. 

“No!” She squealed. “Not going to happen Mr. I-don’t-like-books.”

“C’mon! It’s not that bad! I picked it out,” he feigned hurt. 

“Harry,” she moved his face to look at hers. “It is the shittiest shirt I have ever seen in my whole entire twenty years of living.” She stifled a laugh. Harry ripped the white piece of fabric out her hands, and before she knew it, her torso had a white shirt with Harry’s face on it. 

“Oh my God!” I laughed. “You got her this?” I pointed at Harry while I looked between Harry and Ellie. 

“Harry! This is why you make me mad,” she huffed, and crossed her arms over her chest. 

“I think this is great!” Niall wiped fake tears from his right eye.

“Well I don’t,” Ellie stated. She grasped the bottom of the shirt and pulled it over her head. 

“Hey! Let’s keep this PG.” I laughed. 

“Shut up,” she mumbled. She walked away into the back of the bus where the bunks were. 

“So, lads what did I miss?” Harry wondered.

“We played FIFA,” Niall shrugged.

“So, I missed a good game of FIFA? Damn it.”

“Well, Tommo went into the kitchen to get tea halfway through, so it wasn’t all that great.” Zayn said. 

“Hey!” Niall and Liam objected. “We aren’t that bad....”

“Yes, you are.” Zayn and I replied to them. 

“So? I just missed a game of FIFA?” Harry wanted to know.

“Actually Louis was about to tell us a bet. What was the bet Tomlinson?” Zayn asked.

“Oh nothing,” I didn’t want Harry hearing the bet. He would surely make fuss, or throw the bet. 

“No, what was this bet?” Niall too wondered.

“It’s nothing.” I hissed hoping they would get it. 

“Come on! Tell us!” They all wondered. 

“I never had a bet.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!” They kept chanting. 

“Harry what’s Ellie doing?” I tried to get him to go away.

“I don’t know. I’ll go see,” he got up, his hands sliding up his thighs as he rose. He walked to the back of the bus. 

“You want to know my bet?” They all bobbed their yes. “I bet they fall for each other by the end of the tour.” I smiled.



Ok, ok I know it's short, but the next chapter will make it up. I promise. 


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