Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


8. The Bart Shirt

Chapter 8: The Bart Shirt

December 1, Day 8, 5:38 A.M.


I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited

But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.

I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded

That for me it isn't over.


“Eleanor.” I heard someone whisper. “Eleanor.” They got louder. “Eleanor!” They practically screamed in my ear. Having the reflexes I did, I punched them in the gut. “Oof!” They sighed. “There’s no way she’s getting up lads, and I’m afraid to touch her now. She just punched me!”

“I know, Louis. I saw her.” Another voice said.

“Well, someone needs to wake her up. We need to go to that interview that Raquel set up with Deb something-or-other. The one where we announce Harry’s relationship with her.” I could hear the oddness when he said ‘relationship’. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. We need to get her up though.”

“I’m not touching her Malik. You get the bitch up.” At the sound of the word bitch, I opened one eye just enough to see Louis, but not enough so he could see me open my eye. I punched him in the gut again, and squirmed back into my warm, cozy, covers. He just whined.

“Don’t call me a bitch.” I murmured. “Now leave me alone, bitch.” 

“No, you need to get up.” Zayn started to pull on my arm, as I whined to stop. He pulled me half-way off the bed, and I opened my eyes.  

“Ugh. Fine.” I caved. I rolled off the bed and landed with a thump. “That sounded like a better plan in my head.” 

After a few minutes of the two boys explaining what the interview would be about, they left me alone. They were all dressed and ready ten minutes ago. 

I scurried to get dressed, and hurried and grabbed the brown make-up bag. I rushed and got my make-up done. I finally was ready. I ran out of the room, my hair whizzing past my face, as I went. I almost knocked down Niall.

“Woah, Eleanor. What’s the rush?” I heard Liam say, as I stuffed my face with a turkey club. 

 “Nobting.” I said. He just shrugged. I looked around at the bus. Harry and Louis were on their phones, their noses almost touching the screen. Zayn seemed to be invested in a t.v. show with Liam, and Niall was just looking in the cup boards.

“You know, we have to leave in about twenty minutes. We just wanted to do something fun, for once.” Niall explained. At this I choked on my sandwich. 

“You mean, I was forced to get up by having someone pull on my arms, only to be notified that I don’t need to go yet?” They all nodded in agreement. I ate my sandwich slower. Didn’t want to choke now do we?

“Oh, and nice shirt by the way.” Louis said, right before getting up and going to the mirror, to fix his hair. 

“Thanks. It’s my brothers. I think.” I pondered.

“You have a brother?”

“There’s lot’s of things you boys don’t know about me.”

“Ok, in the mean time, why don’t we play twenty questions, to get to know you better.” I nodded in agreement. I would be on tour with these boys for a while, why not have them get to know me? 

“Let’s sit down then.” Louis pointed to the couch in a ‘duh’ manner.

“Favorite movie?” 

“Favorite book?”

“Favorite food?”

“Worst habit?”

“Favorite t.v. show?” I was bombarded with questions.

“Uh... Forest Gump, it’s a tough choice between Looking for Alaska, and The Fault in Our Stars, Milky ways all the way, and I’m not very tidy.” I smiled a quirky smile at the end. “What was the last question?”

“What’s your favorite t.v. show?” Harry rolled his eyes.

“I particularly like Pretty Little Liars, and Better Off Ted.” I grimaced at Harry. 

“Why do girls like Pretty Little Liars so much....” I heard Harry mutter.

“Ok, that’s five, now one question at a time please.” I pleaded to the boys.

“I’ll start it off lads.” Louis said. “Why do you have your brother’s shirt?”

“I am most comfortable in men’s shirts. Plus, Sammy’s shirts smell really good.”

“Who is in your family?” Liam questioned next. 

“Stalker much?” I joked. “Um... My mom, Bia. My dad, Frank. My sister, Ema. She is a bitch who’s got everything.” I chuckled. “And Sammy boy, my brother who is the most wonderful brother in the whole entire world. When I was in the hospital, he brought me candy, well, more like snuck it in. Now he’s at Penn State, majoring in English. He wants to be a writer.”

“Why were you in the hospital?” Niall asked, genuinely curious.

“I’d rather not answer that.” I said, my voice wavering. “Next question please.”

“Do you have any tattoos?” Zayn said. I looked at his long sleeve of tattoos. Quite a few. 

“Yes, actually. I have ‘No one can hurt me without my permission’ on my hip.” I smiled.

“Well, can we see it?” Zayn pushed.

“That would use up one of your questions.” 

“So what! We want to see it!” Louis yelled. 

 I lifted my shirt high enough to let them see it, but not enough so they could see above my bottom rib.


“That’s well done....”


“What are your hobbies?” Harry sighed, he probably wanted to be included, but not something that has to do with me.

“I like to walk around New York. Go to Central Park before a show, or going to Soho to find something interesting for Olli. Stuff like that.”

“Do you have any pets?” Niall asked, hopeful to get an answer this time.

 “No, but I really want a little cat named Maurice when I was little.”

“Are you religious?” Louis asked, running out of questions.

“Nope. But, my Mommy and Daddy are both Christian. Em went Buddhist for Freddie last year. But Sammy boy and me are both atheists. We didn’t want to follow in our parent’s footsteps. 

“Dream vacation?” Liam questioned.

“Uh... a trip to Paris with my real boyfriend. Not Harry.” I clarified.

“You have a boyfriend?” Harry said, looking guilty.

“No, I meant, when I get one.” I blushed.

“How do you like the boys?” Harry asked.

“Eh,” I replied, sarcastically. The boys feigned a look of hurt.

“What would you do if you weren’t acting?” Liam asked.

“I can’t imagine what I would be doing if I weren’t acting. Probably working at my mom’s bakery, though. Or going to Penn State with Sam.”

“Who is your role model?” Niall asked.

“Mathatma Ghandi. He wanted nothing more than world peace. Wonderful.”

“What’s your bra size?” Harry questioned, quite cheekily. A smile plastered his face.

“It may or not be a 27C.”

“Why did you take this job?” Niall asked. 

“I had no choice.”

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