Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


7. Shut Up You Bunch Of Popcorn Boys

Chapter 7: Shut Up You Bunch of Popcorn Boys

November 30, Day 7, 9:23 A.M.


Can you never fight the fame?

Cherish your ways of excellence 

popcorn boy 

popcorn boy

Ravish your ways of excellence 

popcorn boy 

popcorn boy


I looked one last time at my small, conventional, austere apartment one last time. This may have been the shittiest apartment in the world, but it was home. 


The large, scarlet tour bus was labeled in white letters: One Direction. I didn’t have anything against the bus, except the fact that it was very close to crushing everyone who was parked out front. That included my car. I had a car, but Olli used it more than I did.


“Is this it?” I stupidly asked with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. Apparently it was not clear that I was being sarcastic, because they looked back at me like my brain was a bag of cats. The crazy radiated off of me. 


“No, this is Ellie Goulding’s tour bus,” Harry said, dragging out the ‘o’ in the no. “Of course it is dumbass.” He rolled his eyes, making me want to slap him upside his head.


I walked inside the bus, not knowing what to expect. It could have clothes strewn across the floor, or it could be sparkling clean. You never know with these boys. 


It was clean. Everything shined, making me question how these boys weren’t blind yet. Girls screamed outside the bus, almost having me go deaf. Man, how could these boys put up with stuff like this. So very shiny, and so very loud. Too loud.


It would take some getting used to. 


This is your place?” They all nodded.


“We are superstars that girls love everywhere. They just cry at the sight of us.” Harry said, quite cockily. 


“Well. Why don't you shut up, popcorn boy?” I thought. I didn’t want to say it, because that just might make Harry hate me even more. There was an awkward silence following my thought.


“Well, we should get you settled in now, shouldn’t we.” Liam warmly smiled, trying hard to break the awkward-ness in the air.



I followed Liam into a room in the very back. There were many bunk beds covering the wall. About six, or seven. 


“Sorry, you don’t get a different room, there wasn’t enough room. You can only have so much room on a bus.” He chuckled. I waved him off, and told him ‘it was no problem.’ Honestly, I didn’t care, as long as they didn’t go through my suitcase. He pointed to a bunk in the far right corner of the room, on the bottom. 


I set down the large duffle bag, holding everything from my clothes, to my make-up, to my green  and yellow spotted bed sheets. Just as I set the bag down, Liam decided to leave. I wasn’t going to stop him, I needed to set up my bunk. 


First, I got out my sheets and spread them on there. My short arms couldn’t even go against the side of the bed. It was one side or the other. They kept pulling up and scrunching on the side, making me mad. 


Finally, I laid on the bed, my feet trying to get the scrunchie-thingys on the bed. It took me, so long to get them on. By the end of the time I had gotten them on, we were moving. The actual bus was moving. It actually was kind of scary. 


I noticed that there was a small little dresser on the side of the bed, probably only capable of having three or four garments of clothing. I shoved tomorrows outfit in the dresser, so I wouldn’t have to pick out one tomorrow. We probably would be up late tonight, so I would be dead tired. I had shoved a black bra, a yellow shirt with Bart Simpson on the front, some capris (even though I knew I would regret it later.), and some white underwear all into the small compartment. Sure the Bart shirt was for men, but I wore my brother’s tee-shirts all the time. I stole a few from him when I went up to Penn State last summer.


I grabbed my make-up bag and slumped over to the bathroom. The bathroom was about as big as it could be. The toilet, sink, and shower were all cramped together. I decided there wasn’t enough room for my make-up bag, I would leave it in my suitcase. The toilet seat seemed to only have one hinge. Where was the other hinge? I probably didn’t want to know. 

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