Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


10. Moving Wise

Chapter 10: Moving Wise

December 1, Day 8, 9:30 A.M.


I’m trying not to fall in love

Crazy thoughts are running through my head

So they can’t understand

I’m trying not to fall in love


“And that’s the end of our show! See you next week, where we will have an interview with Jaime Foxx.” Deb concluded. The light on the camera went out, as the crew shuffled out of the room. There was no actual audience, just a crew. “Alright I’m going to Sushi Zone. Later.” She strapped up her bag onto her fabricated shoulder. 


The boys and I scuffled out and into the dressing room. I saw Dodie, Nevada, and Mikki all surrounding a small table playing a round of what looked like poker. They all had grins stretched across their faces. I stood in the doorway, seeing when they were going to look up. 


After about a minute, they looked up from their cards, they had obviously seen me, but didn’t want to loose the “game”. 


“How was it?” Mikki nervously scratched the back of her head. 


“It was fine.” I teased them, as I walked over to the table with my purse sitting on it. My head tilted to the side, as I bent down to grab the brown, knock-off bag. 


“No, we want detail.” Dodie scoffed and rolled her eyes.


“We want detail! We want detail!” They started chanting.


“Fine, fine.” I caved. “Well, to start it off, I was thought of as Louis’ girlfriend outside the studio, and then I met you guys. Then, they announced the relationship. The studio then decided to make me and Harry kiss—”


“Woah, woah, woah, you guys kissed?” Nevada cut me off. 


“Yeah,” I said, my cheeks turning a nice shade of pink. I shouldn’t be blushing, but I couldn’t help it. “Hey, um, do guys wanna hang out for the rest of the day?” I tried to change the subject.


“Uh-huh, hon.” Dodie scolded. “Don’t try and get out of this, Ellie. So, how was the kiss?”


“Yeah, how was it.” Nevada and Mikki chorused.


“It was a stage kiss.” I shrugged. They frowned in return.


“Fine, be that way.” Mikki dropped the subject.


“I wasn’t kidding, do you guys really want to hang out later today?”


“Sure, we can get to know you better.” Mikki smiled.



As we walked down the street, all of us looked like drunken lesbians. We held hands, swinging them back and forth. We walked down the mall’s street in the order of, Mikki, Dodie, Me, and Nevada. Nevada kept cracking jokes, so we would double over from laughter.


“But, then he came over and said ‘do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot’” Nevada recalled the time of her at a bar, and a guys was hitting on her. “But, I’m not finished. He then bought me a super fruity drink, and I would much rather whiskey or scotch.” She chuckled.


We walked into an H&M, as we walked around touching random garments of clothing. Some being absolutely adorable to something no one should ever wear. Nevada grabbed a floral peplum top and held it up to me.


“Hey, girls,” she pulled them away from the leather jackets they were looking at. “I’nit cute?”


“Oh my God! That’s adorable!” Mikki squealed. Mikki seemed to like high pitches in her voice. It was a bit annoying.


“Hold on Ellie,” Dodie smirked. “You’re getting a make-over. From head to toe.”


“Oh Lord.” I sighed.


They paired the floral top with a leather jacket and pushed me into the dressing room, with out my consent. They shuffled around the store, gathering things to shove my way. The pile in my dressing room went from clothes on the hanger, to a pile on the “seat” thing, to practically engulfing me in clothes.


“Um, guys.” I pleaded for help. No response. “Guys... Guys.” After a while I heard Dodie.


“Yes?” She elongated the ‘e’. 


“Uh, I need some help here.”


“Like, dressing wise?” She asked, uncomfortably.


“No, moving wise.” She snuck into the room and pulled my arm until I was pulled out of the hunk of clothes. “Well, no more clothes for you, missy.” She reached her arm around my shoulder, and pulled  me out of the room, sweeping the girls outside the store as they came down the hallway. “Come, come. It’s time for your make-up.” Heard her mutter a ‘yes’ with a slight ‘elbow to hip with fist’ movement.


Dodie dragged me into a MAC make-up store. 


“I want her to look wonderful, so give a make-up room and supplies, now.” Dodie demanded from the woman behind the counter, who looked taken-a-back.


“I-I’m sorry ma’am, but I c-can’t do that.” The woman argued, stuttering under Dodie’s intimidating stare. 


“Oh, really? I need those things. Here,” she laid some money on the counter. “I will pay for the make-up, I need some more anyways. Just give me the room, and I will be on my way.”


“Ma’am, I can sell you the make-up, but I can’t just give you the room.” She straitened her back, and stood up taller, not seeing Dodie’s stare. 


“Fine, here’s the make-up I want.” She picked up random things of make-up, ranging from primer, to eyeshadow. The lady bagged the make-up, and as soon as she got a hold of the bag, Dodie sprinted for the door labeled: “MAKE-UP STUDIO”. 


“Run!” Dodie shouted at us. As she took off, she grabbed my hand, tightly and ran.

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