Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


13. Cracking The Rotten Egg

Chapter 13: Cracking The Rotten Egg

December 4, Day 12, 9:47 A.M.


I'm falling even more in love with you

Letting go of all I've held on to

I'm standing here until you make me move

I'm hanging by a moment here with you


I rolled out of my bunk with a thump. Onto a heap on the ground. We had— well management had, decided to not let me stay in my apartment anymore. We were supposed to be Pittsburg later today.

Last night I showed up to my apartment and these two big, beefy guys wouldn’t let me in. I told them that I still had stuff in there, but no one budged. It took a while, but they let me in. I decided that I couldn’t leave without something in my hands, I had planned on sleeping in here tonight, but after twenty minutes, the guys came in and pulled me out of there. I had some deodorant in my hands. So, now I have two things of deodorant on tour this year. Eh, I might need it. 

I had fallen out of my bed. Ouch. I groaned in response to the ache going down my spine. 

“What was that?” I heard on of the boys mutter from his pillow.

“I’m fine, just laying on the ground. From falling out of my bunk.” I said, sarcastically. My shirt had ridden up a bit—like up to my bra, but I was too lazy to pull it down. 

“Oh, okay.” I heard another one of the other boys murmur. Such charmers. 

I sat up, and stumbled into the kitchenette, still drowsy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep after falling on my back. I ran a hand through my hair, and shuffled it around a bit. 

After I stumbled into the kitchenette, I looked in the medium sized fridge. It was actually stocked today. There was a mini stove in the corner with two burners, which I went over to to see where the pans were near that. 

I found a little cabinet holding all the pans. I plucked one of them out, and set it on the stove. I got out the package of eggs, and cracked about three of them into pan. They started to sizzle in the pan,  and I got a flat spoon thing. Those things that you use for stir-fry. I started to scramble the eggs, so they were how I liked them. I popped some pieces of bread into the toaster. While I was making my eggs and toast, I heard someone walk in.

“What are you making?” I heard Niall say. His voice was easy to pick out of the others, because it was Irish, rather than various English accents.

“Eggs and toast. You want some?” I looked up from the eggs, to see him nodding yes. I scooped the eggs I was working on, onto a plate and put the toast on it. I shoved it his way. I got ‘cracking’ on some more eggs. 

He snarfed the eggs down. 

“Someone’s hungry. Aren’t they?” He nodded. I chuckled to myself. “Make yourself some toast or something.” I tried to compromise. He got up and put four pieces of toast into the toaster, that was all it could handle. 

“So, what are we doing today? You guys didn’t pull me out of bed by my arm today.” I joked. 

“Um... I think Raquel wants you and Harry to hang out today.” I groaned at that. “He’s not that bad!”

“He’s a jerk to me.” I told him, a scowl spread across my face. 

“He’s just mad that management is making him do this, s’all.” 

“Well, I don’t want to do it, too. But I was forced to take this job. I was threatened by a short lady in a pencil skirt! I never thought I would have to be threatened by a little lady!”

“Well, it had you meet us, so we’re good. You love us, you know it.” 

“Yeah, but I would like a choice in my job. I do love you guys though.”

“Well, then you can’t complain.” He pulled me into a hug. I was shorter than him, so I was almost in his armpit. I was shorter than most people, which made me curse my parents genes. Even though I am pretty hot.... I don’t consider my parents hot though. That would just be plain awkward. Awko taco. 

“Hey, what’s that smell?” Louis asked, walking into the kitchenette. Without a shirt.

“Shit!” I remembered my eggs. I started to scrape them off after I turned the burner off. “Oh, and Louis, can you put on a shirt. It bugs me.” 

“Oh, it does now? Well, now I won’t wear a shirt for the rest of the tour.” He teased. “Anyways, what was that revolting smell? It smells like rotten eggs.”

“Well, more like burnt eggs, Niall was hugging me, and well,” my cheeks blushed, “they may, or may not have caught fire.”

“Don’t let management catch you hugging our little Nialler poo.” He jokingly pinched my cheeks. He walked into the compartment of the bus where the driver drives. “Hey, Ethan?” I heard him ask the driver, whom I still had to meet. 

I heard a slight hum come from the driver. 

“When are we getting to Pittsburg?” Louis’ unique voice asked the man.

“Um...,” he hesitated, “Probably late tonight. Maybe around midnight, or one or two in the morning? I don’t know. Honestly it depends on traffic, and what you guys want to do today. From what I understand, last week while I was sick at home in England, you all decided to play paintball in my bus.” Niall stated to blush. He was eavesdropping along with me. “Honestly, if Raquel hadn’t of come to see what you were doing, I think my bus would still look like a rainbow threw-up on it.” I could hear a scowl in his voice. 

“That was one time!” Louis tried to protest, not very convincing I might add. 

“Yeah, but the same week, you decided to launch oranges at the fans! From the windows!” 

“They looked hungry. They waited out there for twenty-two hours! That’s too long. I wouldn’t have waited out that long for a band. So, we decided to feed them.” Louis walked out of the compartment, me and Niall tried to look like we had been talking the whole time. I was trying hard not to laugh, at his expression: not convinced. I took a bottle of water out of the fridge, trying to stop me from laughing up a storm.

Finally I gave up. I cackled in my horribly unattractive laugh. Soon enough Niall joined in as well. Louis joined in. Ethan joined in. We were loud. Suddenly a pillow hit me square in the jaw. I turned around to see Harry standing there with a grimace on his face.

“Shu’ up.” He didn’t pronounce the ‘t’. I just flipped the bird at him. 

“I can laugh all I wan’t mister sourpuss. I wasn’t woken up nice this morning either, so neither will you. Ha ha.” I mocked. 

“But, you didn’t wake up to find two of your best mates having a laugh with a mediocre actress.” He smiled in victory. This wasn’t his victory though. He brought my acting skills into this. 

“Excuse me?” I tried to see if he would repeat that again to his face.

“You’re a mediocre actress,” the smirk returned to his face.

I strode across the room. “That’s what I thought you said.” I spoke as my clenched fist, which I hadn’t realized had clenched, collided with his lover jaw. I softly whispered in his ear, “don’t ever call me mediocre. I’m more talented than you will ever know.” I then walked back to the small bedroom for all of the boys, and I, leaving the three boys in shock.

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