Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


17. A Meeting Of Ed

Chapter 17: A Meeting of Ed

December 5, Day 13, 8:39 A.M.


As my memory rests

But never forgets what I lost

Wake me up when September ends


“Ellie.” There was a pause. “Ellie.” They said it louder, shaking me a bit. “Ellie?”

I waved my hand in the air. “Go away.” I mumbled into my pillow. 

“Ellie, come on, we have a meeting.” Liam asked politely. Ever since the day I punched Louis in the gut from trying to wake me up, the boys had decided to have a schedule of who wakes me up. 

“No.” I stated. 

“C’mon Ellie, we can go to the meeting, you don’t even have to put on make-up. You can wear sweatpants. Then we can come back and you can sleep all you want, until the show tonight.” This peeked my interest. 

“What if the public sees me?” I tried to see if I could coax him into postponing the meeting until it was a nicer hour. 

“Then they will just have to suck it up,” I opened on eye to see that he had a nice smile across his face. 

“Ugh,” I sighed as I swung my legs over the bed. 

“Thank you,” he breathed out. “Be ready in oh,” he looked at his watch. “Fifteen minutes? We’ll pick up food on the way there. McDonalds ok?” I nodded saying it was fine. 

I ran my hands through the duffle bag, searching for something comfortable to wear. I found a pair of sweatpants, with a loose tank-top. I pulled a fly-away sweater on. While I was searching through my make-up bag, I found a scrunchie and quickly pulled my hair up. I decided I would put some mascara on, but not enough to be really noticeable. I pulled my ray-ban sunglasses out of the bag and placed them on my head. I pulled on some sandals even though it was quite cold outside. I then grabbed my purse and headed out into the “living room”. 

“Well, whose a fashion disaster today?” Zayn asked the rhetorical question. 

“Make fun all you want, but I am more comfortable than you in your t-shirts and pants,” I stuck my tongue out at him. He shrugged and went back to what he was doing. I sat down next to Niall who was playing a game of what looked like FIFA. I set my purse next to the couch and picked up a controller. 

“Mind if I play?” I asked the blonde haired boy. 

“Knock yourself out.” He shrugged. I bet he thought I was just going to be a burden on the game. Ha! I was going to kick his ass at this game. I kicked the virtual ball into the goal.

“Lucky shot,” he grumbled, obviously agitated that I had kicked it in the “net”.

I kicked it in, over, and over again till I had won. 

As I got in the last goal, Niall huffed in frustration, and went into the kitchen. I heard him mumble something along the lines of, “how the hell did she beat me?”

“Sam,” I thought.

“Hey, when are we going to the meeting?” I asked, the bus came to a halt. My question was answered. “I guess now.”

I walked into the large building, realizing we didn’t get my McDonalds. I just brushed it off. We walked into an elevator, our bodies touching in the small metal box. 

“So...,” I tried to strike up small talk.

“So...,” they replied. Well, now it’s even more awkward. Damn. 

“That weather is nice.” I lied. It was frozen out there.

“No it’s not.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“Well, I was just trying to strike up conversation,” I rolled my eyes this time. 

“Careful, your eyes might just fall out,” I rolled my eyes just to annoy him. The doors opened. There a few business men and women looked at us like we were raining on their parade. I walked quickly and confidently to the small office that Raquel had told us to go to.

“Hello,” I said. 

“Ah, Ellie,” she looked up from her papers. She saw the boys walk in. “Hello, boys.” 

They murmured their ‘hellos’ and sat in the leather, office swivel chairs. 

“Hey, lads, look at this!” Louis stated to spin himself in the chair really fast. I giggled. 

“Louis, you’re going to make yourself throw-up,” Raquel sighed. At this he spun himself even more, and faster. She stopped the chair with her nails, the bright red fingers almost stuck on the fabric. 

“Okay, back to our business,” she picked at her nail polish. “So, Ellie, I’ve seen on Twitter that many of the fans have been giving you a bit of animosity.” She folded her hands.

“Uh, I don’t really check Twitter all that much,” I admitted. 

“Well, it’s been getting Harry some publicity. The dates were a nice touch. I loved the bookstore one,” I pressed my lips into a line and nodded, thankful that someone thought my acting was good. 

“Though, we do want some more publicity, so management has been thinking...,” she trailed off. “What if you become a tramp, you go around town a few times with one of the other boys?” 

“No! I’m not going around with one of them,” I scoffed.

“Yeah,” each of the boys popped in like popcorn.

“Well, then what do you suggest to pull attention to them?” Raquel hummed. ‘Them’ meaning me and Harry as a couple. 

“Well,” I tried to come up with an idea. “ How about we....” I couldn’t come up with an idea.

“How about we get spotted somewhere where it’s like ‘couples only’, really. The fans will think that we’ve taken it to the next level. We then can admit to the public that we have been secretly dating for a while,” Harry suggests. I nod my head in agreement. That was at least better than ‘cheating on Harry’ with one of the boys.

“Okay, I like it, I’m listening,” Raquel says.

“How about we go to a concert, one that is something we both like,” I say. “A romantical type of aura.”

“Well, management can get tickets to really anything,” Raquel wasn’t helping me decide.

“Well, let’s see. Harry,” I turned to him. “What music do you like?”

“Coldplay.” I moved my hand in sideways circles, motioning for more information.

“Eddie boy—”

“Who the hell is ‘Eddie boy’?” I looked at him, a bizarre look etched on my face.

“Ed Sheeran,” he looked at me dumbfounded.

“Oh, I like him.”

“Yeah,” he nodded his head, while a very fake smile had him get creases between his eyebrows, and forehead. 

“So, it’s settled? Ed Sheeran it is,” Raquel picked up her large office phone. 

“Hattie? Yes... we need concert tickets... there is too a budget... I’ve already talked to Simon... Erm, Ed Sheeran? Backstage passes as well... okay, great, thank you,” I was stunned that the witch had said thank you. 

“Alrighty then,” she turned back to us. “Ed Sheeran, Saturday, December seventh, at seven-thirty. Now leave my office.” She waved us out.

“Alright,” we turned to leave. 

“A concert?” Harry boomed as soon as we walked out of the office.

“It was the best I could come up with. Besides, you were the one that said to go to ‘a couples only place’,” I tried my best impression of Harry’s slow English accent. 

“She needed something!”

“Well then why not a concert?”

“Because that’s just stupid!”

“It’s not stupid! I like concerts!”


“Enough!” Liam yelled. We stared at him. 

I pushed past Harry and went with the other boys in the elevator. Harry stood in the middle of the hallway, his mouth agape. I crossed my arms over my chest as Liam waved him in. He didn’t get in.

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