The Quest for my Father

I have lived my whole life at Greenwood. I have never been outside the back gates. I have never ridden a bike or a scooter. I have never seen a car or a bus. I have never had more than a pair of socks as a present on Christmas and my birthday. I have never had a sleepover or a party. And I have never met my parents. My name is Zaira Meltia.


4. Sketches, Explainations,and a Butterfly

"And that's when we found out it was just Mrs. Alan burning our breakfast." I was explaining the really long and exhausting morning. " Wait, WHAT?!!" Ratiant yelled in a voice that I thought meant she was angry but also may have been that she was surprised. She used her sury voice, angry and surprised at the same time. "Mrs. Alan NEVER burns breakfast, it's always perfect! You heard me, PERFECT!!!!!! And what are we supposed to eat!" Yeah. Pretty sure she was mad, not surprised.

" Calm down Ratiant. One of the cooks will probably make some of that delicious...stuff." I reassured her. "You mean that mush. No way am I eating that stuff." Ratiant told me with a HUGE look of disgust on her face. "Whatever." I said, going back to my new sketch of an alicorn princess over the beautiful landscape."No, not whatever.I NEED TO EAT A STEAK AND CHEESE OMLET!" Ratiant yelled furiously. "Picky much?" I said giggling. "No. I'm just..." "Picky" I looked at my sketch of the alicorn while I finished her sentence.

She sat down and played with her old ragged hippo stuffed animal. I let her be because she clearly was too mad to talk. I tip-toed own the stairs and out the backdoor, because other then meals, monthly walks in the yard,and occasional meetings in the parlor, we were told to stay up in the dormitories.Yeah, I know.Torture right?

I ran out,feeling the cool wind blow through long brown hair. I had never felt such joy. The walks in the yard every month were, well, walks. We didn't do anything but walk on the short path, no talking no nothing, and then went back and stayed in the dormitories until dinner. But now, I could do whatever I wanted, no one could stop me.

"Ah, what a beautiful day." What?! So much for no one could stop me! I ran behind a stone pillar before the lady could see me. Then I was able to get a closer look at who it was. It was the gardener, Mrs. Kate. How could I have forgotten she always watered the plants at exactly 4:00pm everyday?! I didn't know what to do so I just sat there until she left.

"Well, that looks like everything." Mrs. Kate said and then she went inside.

"Phew!" I was so relieved that she hadn't found me.

I was just about to go inside when all of a sudden I saw something I'd never seen before fly past the corner of my eye. I think it was a butterfly, but I didn't exactly know. I chased it and ran free through the grass. Like I said before, I had never felt joy like that. Like all my worries and troubles had just drifted away. I felt so wonderful, I never wanted it to end...

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