The Quest for my Father

I have lived my whole life at Greenwood. I have never been outside the back gates. I have never ridden a bike or a scooter. I have never seen a car or a bus. I have never had more than a pair of socks as a present on Christmas and my birthday. I have never had a sleepover or a party. And I have never met my parents. My name is Zaira Meltia.


6. Practice, Packing, and a Long, Long Journey

I couldn't breathe. New family? What the heck? I didn't want a new family. Unlike most orphans, I didn't wish for a new family. I liked it here at the orphanage. Sure this place is pretty miserable and all, but I have lived here all my life and I've gotten used to it. It actually not that bad if you think about it. I have everything I need. A bed, food, shelter. I didn't want a family, let alone an uptight one.

The room went quiet. Nobody said anything. I waited for one of the others to say something.

"Why hello Zaira. How do you do?" the young lady asked me. She had short blond hair and blue eyes. Her face looked like she had a whole make-up store on her face. " How do I do what?" I said back. The couple giggled. "She means how are you dear." the man said. "Oh." I said, turning pink. "I'm fine, thank you." I said politely.

"Now dear, Mr. and Mrs. Patan will be back tomorrow to pick you up. You best be getting ready. Off you go." Mrs. Sheldon told me. "Yes ma'am." I said back and ran upstairs without another word.

 As soon as I got upstairs a ran into the dorm and started talking a mile a minute.

"Ratiant, I gotta get out of here." I said. "What? What are you talking about?" Ratiant asked, looking extremely confused. "Adoption, father, packing, journey, gotta go!" I spat. "What? Calm down." she told me. I calmed myself down and explained to her everything that happened.

"So you got adopted? That's great!" Ratiant told me when I was done. "No, not great. I don't want to leave." "What? Why?" Ratiant asked confused. "No time to explain. Now lets get down to business. If there's one thing I know about my parents that's true, it's that my mother died when I was born and my father left me at the orphanage then disappeared. Now I need to go find him. And you're coming with me." 

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