The Quest for my Father

I have lived my whole life at Greenwood. I have never been outside the back gates. I have never ridden a bike or a scooter. I have never seen a car or a bus. I have never had more than a pair of socks as a present on Christmas and my birthday. I have never had a sleepover or a party. And I have never met my parents. My name is Zaira Meltia.


3. Markers, Smoke, and a Totally Burnt Breakfast

I woke to the sounds of chirping birds and the smell of smoke. Wait, SMOKE?! "What the heck!"I yelled, waking an extremely grumpy Ratiant.

"Shut up! I'm trying to sleep!" Ratiant yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess your beauty sleep is much more important than the BUILDING BURNING DOWN!!!" I yelled at her frustrated that she hadn't even noticed the smoke.

Calm down Zaira. Breathe in...breathe out.

"Whatever." I said. And without another word I ran downstairs, stumbling accosionally on the stairs.

I followed the smell of the smoke into the kitchen. "Mrs. Alan! What's with all the smoke?! Is the building burning down? Should I get the other orphans? FIRE! FIRE! FIRE, FIRE,FIREEEEEEEEE!!!

"What's with all the racket?!" one of the three-year-olds asked. His name was Derik.

"There's a FIRE!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" I yelled.

"Calm down everyone. There's no fire. I just may have perhaps burnt your breakfast." Mrs. Alan reassured us.

"Phew." I said relieved. "False alarm everyone."

"It always is." a 9-year-old name Karan said.

"What's going on." Ratiant had just walked in. 

I had a lot to explain to her.

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