The Quest for my Father

I have lived my whole life at Greenwood. I have never been outside the back gates. I have never ridden a bike or a scooter. I have never seen a car or a bus. I have never had more than a pair of socks as a present on Christmas and my birthday. I have never had a sleepover or a party. And I have never met my parents. My name is Zaira Meltia.


1. Drawings, Dinner, and a Suddenly Strange Caretaker

"DINNER!!!!" I jumped in surprise. I had been so into my drawing of the landscape I had always dreamed of that I forgot what time it was. "Coming Mrs. Sheldon." I yelled down the hall. I always knew exactly what to do and when to do them here at Greenwood Orphanage, so I was sure to get in trouble for forgetting.

I ran downstairs, not even bothering to turn the light off. "I'm here. Don't worry. I'm here." I said as I hurried into the diner. "Oh we aren't worried dear. Sit down." Mrs. Sheldon told me strangely politely. Mrs. Sheldon was never polite. She always said the more you disobey her ,the more you receive punishment from her. But now she was being "such a peach". It didn't make any sense. So, because I couldn't figure out why she was doing this, I just decided to go along with it. "Yes ma'am." I said as I pushed through the tight space between the two tables, and then sat down in my seat.There was a long silence at both the older and younger kids tables. "Well now, go on, tuck in." Mrs Sheldon said, finally breaking the silence. We all then politely said OK and then started eating.

I grabbed some peas and carrots, some noodles, and a biscuit. I'm not really into meat. I'm not like a total vegan or anything. I just usually prefer not to eat meat. I eat it sometimes on holidays, but that's it. It's hard to get food here, because meat is the main food here. Although, I always end up getting some food. And I owe it all to the little kids' caretaker, Mrs. Alan. She's the nicest person on the planet, unlike Mrs Sheldon.

Well that was before tonight.

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