The Quest for my Father

I have lived my whole life at Greenwood. I have never been outside the back gates. I have never ridden a bike or a scooter. I have never seen a car or a bus. I have never had more than a pair of socks as a present on Christmas and my birthday. I have never had a sleepover or a party. And I have never met my parents. My name is Zaira Meltia.


2. Colors, Conversations, and Some Very Tired Orphans

I sat up in my room coloring my drawing of the beautiful landscape I have always dreamed of seeing with my own eyes. Well, actually my "room" is just the corner in the back of the girls bedroom. All there was was a twin size bed with a mattress and a purple quilt, a tan nightstand with my silver bracelet and a lamp on it, and a small bag with my few clothes in it. Yeah. How wonderful.

Anyway, as I was coloring the beautiful land, my best friend Ratiant was blabbing about how she just wanted to be able to go look at dresses that weren't made from frayed yarn and blabbed about- heck I don't even know what she was talking about. She was talking so fast and it sounded like jibberish. Also I kinda just was paying absolutely no attention whatsoever.

"And I mean what is the deal with not letting us go into town?! It's just OUTRAGEOUS!!!!And another thing-" Ratiant was cut off by me.

"Did you notice how weird Mrs. Sheldon was acting today? All the weird polite things she said and all that?" I asked her suddenly

Ratiant looked at me surprised, which I bet is because I usually didn't do most of the talking, but listened to other people talk.

"OK. Two things. One, no. I usually just tune her out. Two, are we talking about the same person?Polite? Mrs. Sheldon is everything but polite." Ratiant told me.

"I know. But today she was acting like "a peach." I said back.

"Just forget about it. It probably had something to do with another one of those lame bets that Mrs. Monster and Mrs. Alan made." she reassured me.

"Ha!! Good one!!" I said, laughing all the while.

"Why thank ya. Thank ya very much. Come on. Lets get to bed." she said in a funny Elvis Presley voice.

"Alright. 'night." I said to her.

"'Night." she said back.

And we both went to bed without another word.






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