A spot in time

Doctor who. And one direction fanfiction


5. run

Its been 20 mins scince i left earth. I miss my dad harry and the rest. So i called my dad. Its impossible to do but i did.

The doctor told me i can explore the tardis so i did. I Walked around for a bit.

" libretty Run and hide!"

So i grabbed my sonic screwdriver and locked the door to the swimming pool.

Bam bam bam bam

Doctors (p.o.v)

Four drum beats and i die and thats what i herd.

I will change.

(So if you watch doctor who you know how they change doctors so right know " david tennet" is becoming the doctor. Dont worry next chapter is called only one direction we can go. So dont worry the hot 5 guys are coming in soon!)

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