(What I think would happen if hunger games continued.)
Zinnia is twelve years old. She lives With her sister in Victor's village. But she's still eligible for the games. Her sister is rightfully her mentor, but will she be able to win?



3. Three

I'm unable to fall asleep, so I walk out of my room, and sit on a couch. I use my fingers to nervously comb through my hair. I'm just so scared. And helpless. Zaire was able to win, because of Wonder, and because she's seventeen. But I'm just twelve.

Someone sits next to me. I look over, and see Colt. He raises his hand as to wave, then stares at the wall. I do the same, until I'm bored.

"Colt, do you have a token?" I ask. He stares at me, then shakes his head. I unclasp the locket from my neck, and hold it out. "This was my mothers." I say. He looks at it, and smiles. The it fades.

"Was?" He questions, delicately. He's probably wondering if he said something wrong. I drop my head, but still talk.

"Remember when Zaire almost died? My mom had a heart attack and didn't make it. If she just could have held on..." I reply.

"Who took care of you?" He continues.

"Ryder and his family." I return. 

"Oh. Ryder is your sister's..."

"Best friend, also her biggest crush." I smile, about to laugh.

"Have you tried to open it?" 

"Can't." I sigh. I stick my nail into the grooves, but can't get it to open. I sigh, and Colt smiles.

"Could I try? I won't steal it or anything. I swear." He says, holding out his hand. I reluctantly set it in his palm. Colt takes it and starts messing with it.

He's spent twenty minutes trying to pry it open, and my eyelids are starting to feel heavy...

"Got it!" He shouts, waking me up. I look at him, and he has his hands over his mouth. The locket lay on the table in front of us.

"Thank you..." I say as I open it. Tears start to flow as I look into the picture. On one side is my mother and father, Rosie in their hands. On the other side is a picture of Ryder and Zaire standing next to each other, smiling. I wipe a tear, just as it's about to fall off my cheek and onto the locket.

"Who are those two?" He points to my father and Rosie.

"My dad. He died in the mine explosion years back. Rosie, my sister, died of some type of sickness a few weeks after we lost my dad." I say, tears still flowing.

"I'm so sorry." He replies. I nod my head. "Well, I'm going back to sleep. We start training tomorrow." He stands up, then walks away. I stare at the pictures. 

"If only mom could have waited. If she could have pulled through..." I whisper, as I walk to my room.

I wake up to Effie's rapping her knuckles on my door, and yelling "It's a big big big day!" Zaire had warned me about this.

"I'm up, Effie, I'm up!" I yell. I can hear her heels clicking away. As I try to get out of bed, I stumble over the comforters and fall out. I can't help but laugh.

I take a three minute shower, enough to wash my hair. After drying off, I put on the outfit I will wear for the training session.

As I walk out, I see Haymitch and Colt talking to each other. Since Zaire won, I've heard Haymitch doesn't drink very often. Well, I know, really, because we're neighbors.

"Zaire, what do I do during training?" I ask.

"Find something your good at. I know you love using knifes. And your really good at using them

too. Work on plants, and nature skills, maybe bow and arrow, spears, all that stuff. It comes I handy, especially when you can get your hands on any type of weapon." She orders. I nod, surprised. I've never seen this side of her. But, I guess it starts to happen when it's a matter of life or death for your little sister.

"Good to know." I tell her. It seams Colt and Haymitch have finished their strategy, too.  

We're taken to the training center. After a big speech, we finally get to train.

"Nature... Nature..." I mumble, walking around. I find a station about different herbs. I walk over, since clearly no one is there. The supervisor seems excited that I chose to go here first. 

"So, can you help me?" I ask. She seems happy. 

"Yes. So, do you know what any of these are?" She asks me. I observe them.

"Well, I know that these are blueberries. I've had some before. But that's all I can tell."

"Well, rule number one. Nightlock." She says, pointing to a dark purplish berry. She picks it up, and it leaves a purple juice behind.

"Kills you instantly. Even the juice is poison." She says, fully cleansing her hand. There's a few berries next to her. Most likely deadly and poisonous berries. Can't have any dead tributes before the games.

After talking about the different kinds of herbs and berries, I gratefully thank the woman.

I walk around, and spot the Careers. They're scattered around, throwing knifes and spears, using swords, basically all things weapons.

I take some knifes, and start throwing them. I'm not the best, but I'm very good. I look at the target, and throw. The knife hits square the chest, just a few centimeters from the heart.The Career next to me looks over. She rolls her eyes, smiling. I look at her target. Hear. I sigh, but try again. 

I throw again, this time hitting were the heart would be. I smile, proud of myself. The same career looks over again, angry. She continues throwing, and I can tell it's my turn to leave.

Colt is at the camouflage station. I walk over and join him.

"I'm not very good at this stuff, as you can see." He tells me, when he spots me. I smile, and he returns it. 

"Watch." I tell him. I take some mud, mix it with some grass, and cover my forearm in it. I take clumps of dried dirt and stick them onto the wet mud. "This is the best I can do." I hold out my arm.

"Better than me." He says.

"Allies?" I ask. He looks at me, a twinkle in his blue eyes.


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