(What I think would happen if hunger games continued.) Zinnia is twelve years old. She lives With her sister in Victor's village. But she's still eligible for the games. Her sister is rightfully her mentor, but will she be able to win? MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR


6. Six

I don't sleep. Instead I stay up all night, listening to the sound of Glory klinking her knives against each other, sharpening them to an even deadlier point. Denim, the boy from one, snores loudly. At some point I hear Glory join the endless slumber. Carefully and quietly, I work my way to the packs. I had sorted early today, packing all my items into one of the big backpacks. I scout around our camp, taking a few items from everybody's stock. They allowed me to keep my pack, after hours of negotiating. I stuff them into my backpack, before sitting on the ground. They're my best chance at survival. I think I may be the first.

The first twelve year old to be a career.

Not to mention I'm district twelve.

I think the battle hasn't started.

It starts when I outsmart them.

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