(What I think would happen if hunger games continued.)
Zinnia is twelve years old. She lives With her sister in Victor's village. But she's still eligible for the games. Her sister is rightfully her mentor, but will she be able to win?



4. Four

Two more days of training have gone by. And I have almost nothing to show for it, in my opinion. Dinners and breakfast have all been stuffed full of ideas, and strategies. I don't know how much more I can take. 

Colt and I are the only ones left in this small room. We're waiting on Poppy, the girl from eleven. 

"Colt Drysdale, District Twelve." A crackling voice says. I nod at him.

"Do your best." I say, looking down.

"You, too." He replies, before walking in. Minutes pass in complete solitude.

It's been over half an hour, before I hear, "Zinnia Drapewood, District Twelve." I take a deep breath, then walk through the door. The gamemakers look at me, with boredom. One chance to wow them, before they pay me no attention.

I look at them. "Zinnia Drapewood, District Twelve." I say, before deciding what I want to do. I take some knives, and think. I set the knifes by a dummy, and take some paint. Dipping my two forefingers into a bloodied paint, I walk over to a unused dummy. 

I take the paint, and across the dummy's face, write:


I throw the knifes, one by one, into the dummy's chest. The gamemakers are looking at me. I turn the dummy around. They look confused.

"This is what the Capitol have done to us. This is what it feels like. This is what the games really are!" I yell at them. They look at me, shock in their eyes. The head gamemaker steps foreword.

"You are dismissed." He simply says. I nod me head, then walk out. For once, I actually feel good.

"Scores are on!" Effie shouts. I wasn't able to eat much, my stomach in knots. I'm going to have a horrible score.

District one. District two. All the way to district Eleven.

"Chale Grey, nine." A picture of a dark skinned boy is shown. He has cropped curly hair, and brown eyes. 

"Poppy May. Seven." Poppy, a girl my age, is shown. She has long curly hair, and the same skin as Chale. Only instead of dark brown eyes, she has striking blue ones.

District Twelve. Now to find out my score.

"Colt Drysdale. Eight." He smile, clearly relieved. I smile at him, feeling like I'm about to lose my dinner.

"Zinnia Drapewood." It seems like they take extra slowly to say my name, as if they know how much I am anticipating this moment. "Ten." 

I stare in disbelief at the TV. And suddenly someone hugs me. I turn around, and see Zaire.

"Oh my god! Ten! I only got a seven! What did you do?" She asks. 

"Yes, darling! What was it?" Gemma adds. Haymitch is still staring  at the TV, in some disbelief.

"Do tell!" Effie comments. Everybody is asking me how I got that score and everything. I look at them.

"I'm not aloud to say anything." I reply. They look at me pleading. I shake my head.

"Oh, well. I guess we should respect her wishes." Effie says.

"Thank you, Effie." I say, she smiles gratefully.

"Well, my ally has a better score than me, and she's twelve." Colt comments. I look at him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask. He smiles.

"nothing." He replies. 

"I'm going to bed." I announce, getting up off of the plush sofa. 

"Me too." Effie agrees. Pretty soon, everybody is following in my footsteps. Except HaymitchHe's still sitting in his chair.

I fall asleep, dreamless. 

"Big big big day!" Effie yells at my door.

"I hear you loud and clear, Effie!" I yell back. I can hear her heels click as she walks away.

After a shower, I walk out to breakfast.

"Okay, I'm working with you first. Then Effie." Zaire says. I nod my head, understanding.

After breakfast, we take a seat on the sofa. 

"Okay, you are definitely not a brute, not sexy, not funny, no offense. But you are innocent. And charming, as yourself. So, you choose. Innocent, or yourself. Though you are innocent as yourself. " Zaire tells me.

"Well, I want to be myself." I say. She smiles at me. 


"Perfect." She says. We do a practice interview, for about thirty minutes. Then it's Effie's turn.

"Okay, so, we need to practice. I won't make you use heels, mostly because you're too young. And your going for the innocence look?" I know you won't have a long dress. I will start you with one inch heels. That should be enough." She starts talking. What happened to no heels, Effie?

"Okay." I say, anyway, slipping them on. I wobble, shaking.

"Don't wobble! Posture!" She says. I stand straight, doing my best not to fall. "Walk." She says. I walk, and surprisingly I don't fall. She then gives me a dress that goes to my knees.

"I imagine this is the length of what you would be wearing." I slip the dress on over my head, and walk. She then teaches me sitting.

"Sit down, edge of the chair, back straight, legs crossed." She instructs. I oblige, doing them all.

"Remember, answer the questions politely. Use manners." She says.

"Times up!" She tells me as my prep team comes in. Effie walks out, and leaves me to my prep team. Thy don't do very much, except apply a thin layer of make up, and other things.

"That is enough!" Gemma says, when she walks in. I smile, glad to be done with preparing. Now for the dress and hair.

"I was told your doing innocence. That's why we only put a small amount of blush, and lipgloss. Too young for lipstick." 

She hands me a light blue dress, patterned with carnation pink.

"That's beautiful." I say. The dress, is knee hight, frilly, but not too frilly, and girly, too. She smiles.

"And your hair. Sit." She tells me. I allow her to do the braid across my forehead. She clips it with the same leaf barrette. When she's done, I look into the mirror, and see she has also woven pink and blue ribbons into the braid and my hair. I do look pretty innocent.

"Here." She says, handing me white-pink tights, and sky blue flats, to tie up the whole outfit. I look so beautiful...

"Interviews soon." Gemma says, leading me to a place where I sit.  I smile, and take my seat.

Caesar Flickerman is wearing a bright orange wig, with matching lipstick, suit, and all other things. 

"So, Glory." Caesar starts, when the district one girl sits. I've heard that name before. She's wearing a gold and silver gown, close to see through, if it wasn't for the sparkles and glitter covering it. Her blonde hair is styled In a wavy fashion. I can tell she's going for the sexy look.

Interview go on and on, until it's Poppy's turn.

"Poppy, you got a seven. Tell me about how that felt." Ceaser says. She smiles.

"It felt really good that I got a score that high. I was expecting a four or five." She says.

Finally it's my turn. I step out, and sit in the chair. I smile, and wave.

"Zinnia!" Caesar says, and smiles. "A ten. For such small young lady." He says. I nod my head.

"Yep. I did my very best. I may have even surprised the gamemakers." I say. The gamemakers in the crowd nod their heads. "But, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to speak of my training experience." 

"Yes. That is very unfortunate. And may I add, I love your ensemble." He says. I nod. 

"Gemma is a very brilliant stylist." I say. He smiles.

"I'm sure she is!" He laughs. "So, what is your favorite thing in the Capitol. There has to be something. Hasn't there?" He asks. I nod.

"All the people! I love seeing all the beautiful colors that they express! And they have such wonderful personalities!" I say. 

"And may I say, I love the color of your ensemble. Orange is very suiting on you." I tell him. He laughs.

"That is very charming, thank you!" Ceasar chuckles. "Blue is suiting on you."

"Well, thank you so much! I wasn't very sure..." I say, and I hear the audience yelling different compliments about the color. "And I have to say, I probably wouldn't have made it this far, so greatly without my sister, Zaire." I say.

"Yes! I almost forgot about that! The dynamic duo! The two sister's from district twelve! Mentor and tribute!" He shouts. 

"Where is your sister?" He asks. He's posts her, and she stands up and takes a bow.

A timer rings, and the audience pouts. "Well, time is up. So sorry you have to go."

"Oh, I had fun doing this!" I say.

"Zinnia Drapewood, Everybody!" He yells. I stand up and curtsy, before exiting the stage.



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