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This movella is a roleplay, which has been created with my friend. A slightly diffrent genre, maybe, but I hope, you'll like it. Maybe it's a little confusing, but I still hope, You'll chose to read it.

The two guys, Ran and Izumi, have know eachother since kindergarden and are still friends. Their friendship is good, and Ran has for the last three years been deeply in love with a boy, Izumi of course, but Izumi doesn't know that. A couple of months ago Rans' father died, and because of that he started to hurt himself (cut) as the only way to escape the sorrow. And because Ran always wears long sleeved blouses, Izumi doesn't know about Ran hurting himself.
Will Ran ever be brave enough to say hevus gay, and tell Izumi his feelings for him, and does Izumi have the same feelings for him? Will Ran ever be able to move on after his fathers death? Start reading to find the anserw.

Torio has not written the storie only corrected spelling mistakes.

This movella has homosexuality and possible sex scenes in it, so if there is anyone that is against it, I want to ask you please not read it.


5. truth or dare?

"Haha sorry~ im just happy to have you as a friend" he said smiling again. "Wanna play truth ir dare?" He asked teasingly. "Or are you scared of a girls game? Hehe" he laid on his funtom hugging his pillow softly.

"Oh, it's on!" Izumi said. "I begin! Uhmmm... Yes! Truth or dare?" He asked and looked at you teasingly. 'Truth, truth, truth!'

"Hmm lets see...truth?" He said hesitating. He sat up on the futon and crossed his leg into something that looked like a yoga pose. "Now your question" he smiled.

'Yes!' "Alright, who do you like?" Izumi looked at you with a sneaky face. "Now answer me honestly." He giggled softly.

"N-no one.." Ran lied. He didn't really like lying but at this time it was nessecary. "Why do you think that? Haha~" he scratched the back of his head. "Well it's my turn now, truth or dare?"

"Truth!" Izumi said right away. 'I know Ran didn't tell the truth but... IMMA FORCE IT OUT OF HIM LATER!'

"Okay you little punk! Are you a virgin" Ran laughed a little at the thought. 'If he wasn't I guess he would already had told me' "hehe~" Ran giggled teasingly.

Izumi blushed a deep red colour. "Wh-wh-why would you ask that!? Of-ofcourse I am!" 'This can't be happening, I'm probably the only virgin in our class! Even Ran could have slept with a girl with the good looks he has!' Izumi covered his face in his hands.

"Don't be shy we are best friends you can tell me anything." Ran smiled. "Your turn to ask." Ran streched his arms out and since he wasn't wearing a hoodie you could see all his scars but also his muscles.

Izumi looked up and noticed Ran's scars. 'It really must have hurt.' He took Ran's arm and took it up to his mouth. He softly kissed the marks where the sharp knives had stroked it. "Don't do this anymore." Izumi mumbled softly.

As Izumi kissed his scars Ran blushed deeply. 'H-he is ki-kissing m-my skin!' Ran looked at his scars. "Okay i promise" he put his hand between his legs. "I-its your turn.."

Izumi blushed. 'What the heck did I just do!? I'm probably just tired.' "Oh, I'm sorry!" Izumi giggled while scratching his neck. "Uhm... Truth or dare?"

"Truth again" he giggled. It was his real laugh and not a fake one. He was very happy. "Ask what ever you want" he moistured his lips and put a lock of his hair behind his ear.

"Uhm.. Well... Are you a virgin?" Izumi asked. 'Urgh, I'm so bad when it comes to these questions!'

"Well ofcourse I am" he scratched his head. "I wont do it until I find someone I love" Ran blushed slightly. "But truth or dare?" He moistured his lips again. He tended to do that when he was a little nervous or happy cause his lips got dry.

"Whaaaaaaat?! I thought you had slept with a tons of girls and I was the only virgin in our class. Well guess we're two then!" Izumi giggled. "Truth again." He smiled.

"What no way im not a man whore" he said giggling. 'So he thinks I'm that manly huh?' Ran liked the thought that he was 'manly'. "What scares you the most?" Ran looked at Izumi a little more serious but he was still smiling.

Izumi thought for awhile. "It would probably be the future. You never know what happens. If it will be good or bad. And you?" he looked at you.

"Well shall we just stop playing this game then and just talk?" He moistured his lips again. "Hmm..what I'm scared of?" 'Losing you, confessing to you, kissing you, touching you, hurting you' "Well..love? Is that an answer?" 'Its not really a lie either' Ran bit his lower lip softly.

"Yeah let's just stop playing truth ot dare." He smiled. "Yeah, that's a good answer." He thought for awhile of what he should ask Ran. Then he suddenly got a light red colour on his cheeks. "Have you had your first kiss?" He tried to cover his shyness with a laugh. 'Why am I blushing? It's only a question'

Ran blushed. "Etto..well..ehm..I..yeah.." Ran became shy and it was not often he was. "But who cares..?!" He pouted. "Its just lips touching... " 'if it was your lips it would be my heaven. I want to kiss them.' "It wasn't a super important one..."

"So you have!? With who, with who?" Izumi asked. He jumped up and down in his sitting position.

"What?! Why do you wanna know that?" Ran blushed so badly he had to hide his face in his pillow. 'I can't tell...he's gonna think im weird!' Ran's cheeks were almost boiling. 'It would be bad if he saw my face right now...I'm probably as red as a tomato'

"Ofcourse I wanna know who your first kiss was with! And despite your opinion of kissing, I think that when your in love it's important to kiss. It's a way to show that you love the person. So who was it?"

"Well ehm....you know that girl Miku from the art class right?"

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? That girl with HUGE breasts!? Oh, you're a bad boy Ran!" I laughed.

"No no not her...actually her elder brother...." Ran blushed and looked to the side.

"WHAAAAAAT!? He-he-he-her b-b-BROTHER!? Wha-why!?" I was shocked and sat with open mouth against you.

"Well...he was drunk and I had to do some homework at her place.. We had a science project..and well then suddenly when I went to the bathroom he forced himself on me and kissed me..." Ran scratched his head while looking away from Izumi.

"Well, that was unexpected." Izumi scrached his head. "Well cheer up, you're not gonna die just 'cuz he stole your first kiss!" He laughed. 'I sertanly would!'

"True that..but still I wanted my first kiss to be with someone I love.." 'I wanted it to be with you' "so how about you?" Ran looked at Izumi's lips. 'So soft and pink...'

"No... I've never had my first kiss. And I probably never will." He sunk down as if he had lost all his hope in finding his true love.

"Cheer up! Your a great guy ofcourse you'll have your first kiss" Ran patted your head softly. "Wanna do some dares? I downloaded an app a while ago and it seems fun" he showed Izumi the app. "I think we should play a little longer so you can cheer up"

"Alright." He sniffled. "Just start the game. He said.

{dance like a chicken} as this popped up on the screen he stood up and started dancing like some weird chicken. "Haha how's this?"

Izumi burst out laughing. "I'd never thought I would see you do that!" He shoved a tear away. "Well it's my turn." Izumi pressed the button. {Do a lapdance with the person left to you.} "Bwahaha! Well there's only me and you, so enjoy while you can!" He put music on from his phone and imitated a sexy lapdance. He sat down again and turned of the music. "That was fun! Your turn!"

As Izumi game him a lapdance Ran just stared awkwardly at him. 'H-he's giving m-me a lap-lapdance!' {do the hair of the person to your left} "hoho! Now you enjoy!" He said as he got a brush and hairbands. When he was done Izumi looked like a little girl that tried to do her own hair. Ran couldn't almost stop laughing. "Your turn!" He said while turning and laughing.

"Wah! I look like a girl!" He laughed. "Alright" {whisper dirty words in the ear of the person tree seats next to you} "haha!" He leaned in closer to your ear and softly whispered your name in a dirty way. "Wahaha, your turn." He sat down again.

As Izumi whispered in his ear he got erect. 'Shit! Why at a time like this?!' He hurried to hide it under the blankets. {whisper the name of the person to your right in a way no one else has before} Ran leaned closer to your ear. "KUROSAKI!" He yelled in your ear and started laughing.

"Wh-wh-wh-wh-WHAAAAT?! What the hell Ran?!" He laughed. Don't just yell in my ear RAAAAN!" He too yelled in your ear. "Haha, we're gonna wake mom! Schh.." He giggled.

"No one has ever whispered your name like that huh?" He giggled. "Well seems like you're happy now so this shall be the last round" Ran smiled and handed you the phone.

"Alright." {Tickle the person that's on your right} "Muhahahaa, here I come!" He started tickling you.

Ran looked with a pokerface. "You knoow.....I'm not really ticklish...there's only one place I can be tickled and I'm not gonna tell you..." Ran pointed his tounge at Izumi.

"Whaaat? Unfair!" He pouted and sat down on his bed. "Well it's your turn now..." He handed you the phone.

{kiss someone in the room below the belt} "no problem!" Ran grabbed your leg and kissed your foot. "It didn't say where belove the belt hehe" Ran smiled. 'OMG OMG OMFG I JUST KISSED HIM..or actually his sock...BUT I KISSED HIS DNA!!' "What shall we do now then? Just talk? Or what do you think?"

Izumi put his head on the pillow. He closed his eyes. "I'm tired now. But thank you for for entertaining me tonight." He giggled. "Thank you, you're the best." He had a smile on his face as he fell asleep.

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