Having you is what matters

This movella is a roleplay, which has been created with my friend. A slightly diffrent genre, maybe, but I hope, you'll like it. Maybe it's a little confusing, but I still hope, You'll chose to read it.

The two guys, Ran and Izumi, have know eachother since kindergarden and are still friends. Their friendship is good, and Ran has for the last three years been deeply in love with a boy, Izumi of course, but Izumi doesn't know that. A couple of months ago Rans' father died, and because of that he started to hurt himself (cut) as the only way to escape the sorrow. And because Ran always wears long sleeved blouses, Izumi doesn't know about Ran hurting himself.
Will Ran ever be brave enough to say hevus gay, and tell Izumi his feelings for him, and does Izumi have the same feelings for him? Will Ran ever be able to move on after his fathers death? Start reading to find the anserw.

Torio has not written the storie only corrected spelling mistakes.

This movella has homosexuality and possible sex scenes in it, so if there is anyone that is against it, I want to ask you please not read it.


3. The park, what a great place

"Here Izumi, we can sit under the shadow here" Ran gave Izumi a kind smile. He had been in love with his best friend for three years now. They became best friends in kindergarden and had been that ever since. Ran sat on the bench licking his ice cream. He put a lock of his black hair behind his ear and patted the seat next to him.

"Come and sit" Ran crossed his legs.

Just as Izumi was about to sit down, a soft breeze of wind blew towards him, and he could smell Ran's usual colonge. Izumi giggled. He got that perfume for Ran on his birthday last year, and he had been wearing it ever since.

With a smirk on his face, Izumi sat down next to him. He licked his banana-chocolade ice cream and felt it quickly melt on his tounge.

'Izumi is so cute when he giggles' Ran almost got lost in his smile everytime. He loved his smile so much, that it could make him happy in less than a second.

As Izumi licked his ice cream, some of the ice got on his cheek. Ran looked at Izumi's lips. 'His lips... i wanna kiss them so badly.. his peach pink lips, they look so soft' without thinking Ran licked his tumb finger.

"You got some ice here" he said giggling as he wiped it off. 'His skin is like a babys' Ran smiled. "There! All gone." Ran cared so much for Izumi, if he lost him, his whole world would go away. 'Im scared to touch him..he seems so fragile' Ran was in his own world.

Izumi widened his eyes a bit shocked. Then he smiled. "Ah, thank you Ran. It would be embarrassing, if anyone else saw it." Then Izumi looked at Ran's ice cream. "Your's look delicious, can I taste it?" He looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Yes here" Ran handed him his ice cream.

"Can I taste yours then?" Ran blushed slightly. 'I hope he dosn't notice'

"Ofcourse!" Izumi smiled and reached him his icecream. He took yours and gently licked it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

"Mmm! It's good." He giggled.

Ran licked Izumi's ice cream. It was a normal banana chocolate ice cream, but he couldn't help but being overjoyed. It was Izumi's ice, and he had licked it. His DNA was on it! Suddenly Ran realised, that he had licked on the same spot as Izumi. 'We just had an indirect kiss!' Ran blushed a dark shade of red. 'It will just be awkward if i tell him... I just have to act normal' Ran handed Izumi his ice.

"It tasted very good" he smiled again. He couldn't stop it, he was just so happy.

"Maybe i should have bought this" he giggled.

"Yeah, next time you can buy the banana-chocolate ice cream." Izumi said, while he gently smiled to Ran. Izumi finished his ice cream. He leaned back in the bench and took his hands over his stomach.

"I'm full!" He giggled.

Ran ate his cone and licked his lips.

"Hehe me too" Ran took his bag and turned to face you.

"Shall we go to your place today?" Ran smiled. 'He can't come to my house...he'll just notice' Ran used the napkin, he had to clean his hands and afterwards threw it in the trash bin.

"Fine, but I want to see your room sometimes soon, okay?" He smiled. Izumi didn't understand why they never could go to Ran's house, but he didn't want to make Ran sad like last time, he barged in to his house without permission.

"Let's go!" Izumi said and took Ran's hand.

"Sure.." He mumbled. As Izumi grabbed his hand, his sleeve went above his scars.

"Let go!" Ran said in panic. He hurried to hide his scars by pulling his sleeve down again.

"So-sorry i yelled at you..." Ran looked to the side. 'Did he see them? Now he'll know for sure..' Ran was shaking a little.

"N-no I'm sorry I took your hand. I thought it was okay since we've been best friends for so long,  but it's probably embarrassing for you. I'm sorry!" Izumi closed his eyes in ebarrassement. He hadn't noticed it before, but he was now cautious for his feelings for Ran.

It didn't seem like Izumi had noticed Ran's scars though.

"N-no it's okay i just was surprised...that's all" he pulled down his sleeves. "Here take my hand" He gave Izumi a smile that told him not to worry. But on the inside Ran wasn't smiling.

"Wanna have a sleepover?" They've had sleepover for as long, as they could remeber. It was not just girls who did it but also Ran and Izumi. Usually they would never sleep at Ran's house,  because Ran didn't want to.

"Yeah! I love sleepovers!" Izumi said. He took Ran's hand.

"Come, we'll make your futon ready and we'll eat snacks and watch movies and have fun!" He said.

"Yeah, i can buy the snacks, and you can rent the movie" Ran sighed relived. 'He didn't notice' he tighten his grip around Izumi's hand.

"Is your mom okay with it?" As Ran said "mom", his voice trembled a little. He had told his mother, he was in love with Izumi, and she had kicked him out. Ran never told Izumi the true story, he just said he had moved out.

"Ofcourse she is, she loves you!" He said.

"But yeah, I'm okay with renting the movie. Shall we part ways here then and see each other again tonight?" Izumi asked Ran.

"Okay" he waved at you. "See you later then!" Ran began walking away straight torwards the convenience store.

"i'll buy your favourite snacs!" He yelled at Izumi before losing him out of sight. 'Father...I'm sorry...I've dissapointed you. A tear formed in his eye. 'I'm sorry..I just..I just can't help my feelings..' He put a lock of his hair behind his ear and walked faster.

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