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This movella is a roleplay, which has been created with my friend. A slightly diffrent genre, maybe, but I hope, you'll like it. Maybe it's a little confusing, but I still hope, You'll chose to read it.

The two guys, Ran and Izumi, have know eachother since kindergarden and are still friends. Their friendship is good, and Ran has for the last three years been deeply in love with a boy, Izumi of course, but Izumi doesn't know that. A couple of months ago Rans' father died, and because of that he started to hurt himself (cut) as the only way to escape the sorrow. And because Ran always wears long sleeved blouses, Izumi doesn't know about Ran hurting himself.
Will Ran ever be brave enough to say hevus gay, and tell Izumi his feelings for him, and does Izumi have the same feelings for him? Will Ran ever be able to move on after his fathers death? Start reading to find the anserw.

Torio has not written the storie only corrected spelling mistakes.

This movella has homosexuality and possible sex scenes in it, so if there is anyone that is against it, I want to ask you please not read it.


13. the new guy

A couple of hours later Ran woked up. He glanced at the clock. 6:00 am. "Izumi wake up." He poked his cheek.

"Ran..." Izumi mubled, obviously half asleep. He unconsiously turned around to face Ran. He had drool by the edge of his mouth.

He sighed. "Baka, Izumi." He ruffled his hair. "Come on!... If you seriously don't want a glass of water on you then hurry!" He said as he poked Izumi's cheek.

"Kiss my dick." He mumbled. He pulled the bedsheet up to his face. He was seriously not a morning person.

He went to the bathroom and came back with a glass with ice water in it. He grabbed the bedsheet away from Izumi and poured the water on him. "Get up.." He glared at him. Ran was not a morning person either but he had gotten up so he could walk with Izumi to school.

"Wha-what the hell!?" Izumi jumped up from the bed. He glared at Ran. "Pffft..!" He started to laugh. "'Kay okay, I'll come up now." He walked grinning in to the kitchen. He had still only his boxershorts on.

"How about dressing? Well whatever you can do that later." Ran took out some bread and eggs. He carved a circle into the center of the bread and put it away. Afterwards he put it on a pan and cracked an egg inside of the circle. "Have you ever tried this? It's a weird way of doing bread with egg on but it looks funnier." He smiled.

"No, I've never done that." Izumi laughed. "Looks interesting." He walked over to the coffee machine. "I'm gonna make us some coffee." He reached up to the top of the shelf where the coffee was. 'Can't reach...' He thought. He struggled and stretched more to reach it. 'Impossible!'

"How about I grab it for you?" Ran asked grabbing the coffee at the same time he leaned his head on Izumi's shoulder and gently held him around his waist. "I've told you before that you should call me when you need help." Ran planted a kiss on Izumi's soft cheek before handing him the coffee.

Izumi blushed pure red. 'That surprised me!' He sat down. 'Calm down, heart, calm down.' He glanced at Ran. His strong back was moving as he moved his also strong hands, making breakfast ready. 'Hot...' Izumi stared.

"Uhm..what are you staring at?" He asked blushing as he noticed. He took the toasted bread and egg off the pan and placed it on two plates. Some of the oil on the pan got in touch with Ran's skin as he took of the toasted bread and eggs. "Ow!" He quickly got his hand under cold water. "Just take which ever you like I have to treat this first." He said pointing at his hand.

Izumi jumped up. "Let me see." He took Ran's hand. "I'll get the first aid kit. Sit down." He walked into another room and came back quickly. He gently took Ran's hand. "It might hurt a bit." He said and began treating it. He gently touched Ran's hand.

"Oh that's not necessary." He smiled and scratched his head. "It's not serious just a normal burn. I'll be fine just go eat I'll come and eat too in 30 seconds." He laughed and hurried to treat his hand. "Look, all done." He said smiling and grabbed his plate.

Izumi stood up and took his hand. He gently kissed it. "Be careful next time." He said smiling. He sat down again and began to eat. 'I'm such a worrywart. What an idiot! He probably thinks I'm annoying.'

"Okay." He smiled at hugged Izumi. "I really like that you're worrying so much but I'm fine, really." He sat down and began eating. "So do you want us to be a secret from them at school? I know our parents know about us but I still wonder how it was about school." He asked after he finished eating.

"Honestly I don't care what the others think about us, but if you don't want them to know, it's fine with me. Just to be with you is fine with me." Izumi smiled.

"Well I think we should wait since there are some harsh bullies in our school." Ran looked a bit nervous. He was used to being bullied but he was scared that Izumi would have a breakdown if they started bullying him. "Shall we get going now?" He asked grabbing his backpack.

"Alright, let's keep it a secret for now." Izumi also took his backpack and his jacket. "But then we have to act natural. I just hope I can restrain myself from not kissing or hugging you." Izumi giggled obviously a little sad about this matter.

"Well me too." Ran giggled. "You just have to imagine that I'm kissing you then but actually you can hug me but it has to be more of a friendly hug. Everyone know that we are super close friends so it wouldn't be so weird if we hug sometimes and besides we can always sneak into the bathroom or somewhere private to kiss." Ran smirked and kissed Izumi's forhead lightly and then he kissed his lips softly. "I love you." He said smiling and opened the front door.

Izumi blushed and closed his eyes. "I'm not going to make this." He sighed. He went out of the house together with Ran. They arrived at the school just in time. Their first class was English. Izumi sat in the back of the class while Ran sat in the first row. Izumi was jealous of how good Ran was in English. Izumi had never been especially good. 'Shit, I'm staring at him!' Izumi blushed and put his hands on his face to cover it.

Ran didn't really listen to the teacher. He was bored and only wanted to have free period together with Izumi. Suddenly a note was trown over to Ran. He looked around to see who tossed it. It was the new guy. Ran had been out when he arrived and was introduced so he didn't know him. He looked at the note. "Meet me in free period?" Ran sighed. He was a nice guy so what harm would it do. Ran took out a pencil and began writing a reply. "Sure but only for a while I have a deal with my best friend." He tossed it over to the new guy. He smiled when he read the note and looked over at Ran. He gave him a thumbs up. "Souichi, Ran! Listen to the lecture or else you will have detention!" The teacher shouted as he saw them passing the note. Ran glanced back at Izumi after apolagising to the teacher. "Woops.." He whispered.

Izumi looked up when he heard the teacher call Ran's name. 'That airhead.' Izumi giggled to himself. He hadn't noticed Ran and Souichi writing to eachother. In the free period he went to the rooftop where he and Ran had promised to meet. He looked around. He was nowhere to be seen. When the bell had rung Ran had rushed out before Izumi could call him. 'He'll probably come before long.' Izumi thought.

Ran hurried to send a text. "I'm gonna talk with the new kid for just a moment wait for me." He wrote as he waited for Souichi. Souichi showed up only seconds later. "Hey Ran" he said shortly and waved at Ran. Souichi had light brown hair and green eyes. He was well built and was quite good looking. "Uhm.. Hello.. Sou?" Ran had already forgotten his name. "Souichi." Souichi smiled and grabbed Ran's hand. "You seem like an interesting person Ran how about we start going out?" Souichi asked suddenly. "Wait, what do you mean?" Ran asked a bit nervous. "Become mine. I've watched you for a while now even before I entered this school. I work at the convinence store you always shop at." Ran was very surprised. He knew he seemed familiar but this was a bit shocking. "Uhm... I already have a bo... a-a lover." Ran blushed and turned away. "Well I have to go bye.." Ran mumbled as he began walking to the rooftop where Izumi was supposed to be.

Izumi began to wonder where Ran was so he stood up and began to look for him. Just then he got a textmessage. "Ran?" He read the text. "Souichi?.. Souichi, Souichi... That new guy!?" He panicked. That guy is famous for hitting on boys! "Ran!" He whispered. He went back in and out to the yard to look for Ran. "Ran, where the hell are you, Ran!" He looked around everywhere but couldn't find him. 'And those two are alone, what can Souichi possibly do?!' Izumi hunched down on his knees. 'He can't steal Ran away from me!' He took covered his face in his hands. 'Souichi is definetly able to steal him away from me.' Tears slowly started to build up in his eyes.

As Ran arrived at the rooftop, Izumi was gone. He texted him. "Where are you? I thought you'd wait for me!" Ran sat down waiting for a reply and for Izumi to appear.

Suddenly Izumi felt it vibrate in his pocket. He quickly took his phone up from his pocket. It was from Ran. He read it. "Ran..." Izumi quickly stood up and hurried back up to the rooftop. There he was. Ran saw Izumi and stood up. Izumi ran over to Ran and hugged him tightly. Tears ran down his cheeks. 'This was not supposed to happen!' He burried his face in Ran's shoulder. "Don't ever make me that worried again!" He whispered into Ran's shirt.

"Wha~" Ran was surprised. "What happened? Are you okay?" He asked hugging Izumi to calm him down. "Why are you crying?" He asked worried. "Did someone bully you?" He hugged him a bit tighter. No one was around at the moment so they didn't look suspicious.

"Well you were called out by that new guy, and I thought since you are good looking and have a nice body he'd definetly have interest in you, and I thought that he would try to steal you away from me!" He said all this while tears streamed down his cheeks. "But I'm glad that you're here now..." He hugged Ran tighter.

"Well he did ask me if i wanted to go out with him..." Ran sighed. "Jeez... Well I turned him down obviously... He works at the convenience store where I shop." Ran kissed Izumi gently. "You don't have to worry I love you and "he" won't change that. I confessed to you, remember?" Ran smiled and kissed Izumi's forehead.

Izumi nodded. He looked at Ran's smiling face. Then he suddenly looked down at the ground obviously flustered. "You can't just kiss me here. I-I'll get excited you know." He mumbled.

"S-sorry." He said giggling. "Besides I'm not attractive so I think he was only joking." Ran smiled and released Izumi. "Now cheer up." He wiped away Izumi's tears. Then a few students came out. They talked about some party that was coming up and greeted us. They sat around a table a few meters away from Ran and Izumi. "Anyways I want you to be happy." He said hugging him again but this time like a friend since there were other people there.

"Yeah, me too. I want you to be happy." He looked at Ran and smiled. "And you definately have the best body of all the school!" He smiled cheekily. Then he suddenly gasped. "Oh no, I probably have bright red eyes because I cried just know. What should I do?" He covered his eyes with his hands.

"Don't worry about your blood shot eyes just say you got sand in them or something." He smiled and poked Izumi's cheek. Two girls at the table giggled and smiled at Ran and Izumi. "You're so cute together why can't you just be a couple?" One asked joking. "Yeah, you look more like a couple sometimes rather than best friends." They both smiled and turned back to their friends. "You hear that Izumi?" He smiled and giggled. "Someone thinks we'd be good as a couple." He sighed. "Well they are one of the non hating people so they don't care whether you're gay or straight." He smiled again.

"Mhmm." Izumi smiled. "I wish that everyone could accept it."

A/N: my friend had to leave so she couldn't finish the sentence or the paragraf

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