Having you is what matters

This movella is a roleplay, which has been created with my friend. A slightly diffrent genre, maybe, but I hope, you'll like it. Maybe it's a little confusing, but I still hope, You'll chose to read it.

The two guys, Ran and Izumi, have know eachother since kindergarden and are still friends. Their friendship is good, and Ran has for the last three years been deeply in love with a boy, Izumi of course, but Izumi doesn't know that. A couple of months ago Rans' father died, and because of that he started to hurt himself (cut) as the only way to escape the sorrow. And because Ran always wears long sleeved blouses, Izumi doesn't know about Ran hurting himself.
Will Ran ever be brave enough to say hevus gay, and tell Izumi his feelings for him, and does Izumi have the same feelings for him? Will Ran ever be able to move on after his fathers death? Start reading to find the anserw.

Torio has not written the storie only corrected spelling mistakes.

This movella has homosexuality and possible sex scenes in it, so if there is anyone that is against it, I want to ask you please not read it.


9. she accepts it?!

Izumi was still half asleep. But between being awake and asleep he suddenly took your head and kissed you. He kissed you for a long time. Suddenly he slowly opened his ocean blue eyes. There was a little pearl of morning tear hangin in the corner of his eye. Suddenly he realised what he was doing. "I'm s-sorry, I wasn't consious!" He blushed. He wasn't usually this persistent.

"It is okay.. But your mom... Does she know where you are?" Ran kissed your cheek and looked at you a little more serious.

"She don't... So yeah, it's probably best if I call her." He stood up and dialed his mom's number in his phone. "Hey mom... Relax, relax! I've been at Ran's house... Yeah you heard right..." He giggled. "Yeah, bye." He hung up. "It's alright now. He smiled at you.

"Was she surprised?" Ran giggled. But suddenly he got a little serious. "Does she know I'm cutting or rather did cut?" He softly stroked your cheek. "I don't care if she does.. She is a good mother" Ran smiled and kissed your forehead.

"I don't know if she knows, but I haven't told her. But she does know that I've never been to your house in a long time. So she was pretty surprised when I told her that." He smiled with his long upper and under lashes curling together.

"Wanna go to see the fireworks tonight?" Ran smiled. He wanted this day to be special. 'Say yes, say yes... I wanna spend today with you only!'

"I would love to!" He giggled. 'It's Ran-chans birthday today, so I have to surprise him in some way... I'll make up something special! But he can't know.' "But I have to go home for now... Can I just come over to your house later, and then we go to see the fireworks?" He smiled.

"Yeah sure" Ran smiled widely and leaned in for a kiss but as he was about to kiss you goodbye the phone rang. "Tch... I'll go get that" he went to the living room and picked up the phone. "Hello?... Thank you... How's mom doing?... Right now? Okay hand her the phone.... Hi Mum... Yeah, I'm fine... Me and Izumi?... Well I confessed to him yesterday.... No... Yeah.. He is my boyfriend.. You do?!... I love you too mom, see ya!" Ran came back to Izumi and kissed him.

"What was that?" Izumi asked and giggled at your happy face. "Did something good happen?" He asked.

"Haha~ yeah" he giggled and kissed you again. "Mom has finally accepted that I love you" he scratched his head. "She kicked me out when I told her I liked you but now she is cheering for us" he smiled.

"That's great Ran!" Izumi said and hugged you happily. "But I have to go now, see ya' later." He waved and went out.

"Yeah bye" he smiled. 'Well I don't really care if he forgot. If only I get to spend my day with him' Ran waved at Izumi as he left. As Izumi was out of sight Ran closed the door and sat down with his back against it. "I'm so happy" Ran smiled and blushed. "Ah I can't stop smiling!"

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