Assassin {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}

Maggie Rose has never been a normal girl, she was born and raise to do one thing, be an assassin. Her and her twin brother Jacob are nearing their final assessment, they have to kill a living person. Maggie has never kill, only practiced on dummies. What happens when she gets close to her target, will she be able to kill him, or will she turn her back on everyone she has ever known?


9. Chapter 7

Niall's POV


I watched Lucas crumble to the floor. He looked utterly defeated. I sat down quietly next to him, watching Maggie's door. From the second I had laid eyes on Maggie something has just clicked, the way her blonde hair flew every witch way, but yet always seemed perfect. Her smile, the one she had when she was around her friends. I wanted to be the one to be getting that smile. I wanted to be close to her, not just like Lucas or Kien.

It clicked, I liked Maggie! I had to help her, get close to her. I turn to Lucas and ask. "So do you know why she's like this?"

Lucas doesn't even take his head out of his hand when he nods. "Well slightly. When we were younger we were at a pool, just Maggie and me. We swam out to the deepest end and something or someone grabbed Maggie's foot and pulled her down. I saved her, but we don't know what was pulling her down. All we know is that she has a scar on her ankle from it. Ever since then she hates people touching her feet, or being pulled by them."

Poor Maggie! Where could this happen? What happened in their past, why are they so secretive. I had to find out. First I had to get on Lucas's good side.

"If you had told Zayn he would have never done it." I mutter thinking back to Zayn's look of shock. I knew for a fact that if he has knew about Maggie's fear he would never be like that.

I had to talk to Maggie, get more from her. I stand up knocking quietly on the door.

Lucas picked up her head shooting me a glance. "Do you want to get your head bitten off?"

I couldn't back down now. "Let me try." I say looking at the door.

I hear stumbling around in the room before Maggie cracked the door, her beautiful blue eyes watery. I just wanted to wipe her tears away and hold her close. Let her know it would all be ok.

"Niall just go away." Maggie sigh trying to shut the door. I stick my foot in the door at the last second.

"I know about your fear." I murmured, looking straight into her eyes. "I understand, please let me in. You don't have to hide from me."

Maggie's eyes wife's slightly, before she puts back up her wall. She starts to push harder on the door.

"Please." I whisper so that Lucas couldn't hear. "I won't hurt you, trust me."

Maggie's arms dropped, letting me push the door open. I stepped in, embracing her in a hug. To my surprise and delight she hugged me back not tight, but it was a start.

She slipped from my arms shutting the door and going to sit on her bed. I followed her, sitting close enough so that our knees brushed each others. She sat silently staring at the wall.

"Want to talk about it?" I asked, quietly not wanting to upset her,

She shook her head, her eyes still trained on the wall.

I sat back grabbing the remote. "Want to watch a movie?"

Maggie nodded, the edges of her lips turning up. She crawled back next to me, resting her head on the pillows next to me.

"What moive?" I asked, opening the guide book looking though the movies available.

Maggie's eye light up quickly. "Let's watch Grease! That's my favorite movie."

I smiled. "That's mine too!"

Maggie grabbed the remote turning on the movie. "Don't sing along Horan, that would ruin the moive."

"You think my singing sucks?" I asked, acting mad.

Maggie shook her head, her eyes focusing on the screen as the movie started. "I just think the movie is good on its own."

I shoved her lightly, and she stuck her tongue at me. "Shut up, the movie is on."

I let out a sigh, turning my eyes to the movie. Maggie lay her head on my shoulder. I looked down, smiling slightly. It felt good, different from other girls. I slid my arms around her pulling her closer. 

She smiled up at me slightly before snuggling up to me again, my heart skipped a beat. The sound of the moive was gone, all I could see was her. "

Oh Niall." I thought to myself. "How'd you let yourself fall so fast." 


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