Assassin {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}

Maggie Rose has never been a normal girl, she was born and raise to do one thing, be an assassin. Her and her twin brother Jacob are nearing their final assessment, they have to kill a living person. Maggie has never kill, only practiced on dummies. What happens when she gets close to her target, will she be able to kill him, or will she turn her back on everyone she has ever known?


6. Chapter 4

Niall's POV


I woke up to a pounding at my door. "Wake up Niall!" 

I buried my head deeper into my pillow, trying to block out the sound of the pounding. "Go away Louis! I'm trying to sleep!"

The pounding continued, growing louder and louder. I let out a sigh stumbling out of my bed. I grabbed the door, pulling it open staring into Louis eyes.

"Finally!" Louis cried, pulling me out into the hall. "The new bodyguards won't be here for a couple hours so lets play some football."

In his arms he held the well worn black and white ball, a mischief look in his eyes. "In the hall."

"You know that's not allowed Lou." I complained trying to shut the door in his face, but he stuck his foot in the door, not letting me shut it. "Besides what did Harry, Liam and Zayn say?"

"We're on board with it." Liam said coming around the corner with Harry and Zayn behind him. "It's a once in a life chance."

"Please Ni." Harry said, giving me his puppy dog eyes. "We need to do this before the bodyguards come. They'll take away all our fun."

I let out a sigh. "I'll go change and come out in a sec."

I shut the door, quickly changing out of my pajama pants and into normal blue jeans and my irish flag shirt. It was great to not have to dress-up into all the nice clothes we usually have to wear for shows. 

I step out of my room as the football hits to the side of me. Harry runs after it laughing. "You almost hit Niall, Lou work on your aim."

I dribble the ball between my legs, keeping it away from Harry, who kept trying to get it away. "Who's team am I on?"

"Lou and me." Liam said. "Our goal is the elevator."

I slip past Harry, quickly passing Zayn, keeping the ball close. With ease I kick the ball, hitting the center of the elevator. 

"Nice one Niall!" Louis called, clapping me on the back. "This is why I wanted you on my team."

"Yea." Harry grumbled. "And it's unfair, everyone knows you and Niall are the best football players of us."

"Well that's your lose Haz." Lou laughed punching his lightly in the arm.

A couple hours past, both teams were tied. "Next point wins!" I call passing the ball to Louis. He kicks it hard towards the elevator, just as the doors opened. 

Standing inside were clearly our four new bodyguards. The football flew, hitting the girl standing between the red-headed boy and the dark haired boy. 

"Damn it Lou." I cry as I watch the ball hit her in the side of her head. To my surprise she doesn't fall, she stumbles slightly but keeps her footing. 

"It's not my fault." Louis whimpered. "She could have dodged." 

I shot him a look, then back at the girl. To my surprise she was looking at me.

"Niall." She whispered, before fainting into the red-head's arms.

"You fucking idiot." The blonde boy cried jumping over the red-head, a easy five foot jump. "You hit my sister."

Louis looked from the girl in the red-head's arm to the pissed blonde in front of us. "Sorry." He said meekly. 

"You better be." The blonde boy growled, before turning away.

I leaning down to the red-head's level looking at the girl. "Is she going to be alright?"

Before he could reply, her eyes fluttered open. Her eyes were a dark blue and flecked with green. They locked on to me instantly, just like before.

"Niall." She whispered, struggling to get up.

"Er.. yea that's me." I said, offering my hand to her. She just looked at it, before standing up on her own.

"And that's Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis." She said pointing to each of them in turn. I looked at all of them, they all looked a little shocked. 

"Yea." Louis said. "Er and sorry about hitting you earlier."

"It's ok." She said, but her tone suggested it wasn't.

"So since you know all of our names." I started. "What are yours?"

"I'm Maggie." The girl started. "Maggie Rose. The blonde one is my brother Jacob Rose." She pointed to tthe still angry boy pacing the floor. "The one behind me is Kien Davis." She pointed to the red-head half hidden behind her, his eyes were trained on me. "And last but not least Lucas Tomas." She pointed to the quiet dark haired boy. "And we're your new bodyguards."

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