Assassin {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}

Maggie Rose has never been a normal girl, she was born and raise to do one thing, be an assassin. Her and her twin brother Jacob are nearing their final assessment, they have to kill a living person. Maggie has never kill, only practiced on dummies. What happens when she gets close to her target, will she be able to kill him, or will she turn her back on everyone she has ever known?


12. Chapter 10

Maggie's POV

Lucas was sitting on the edge of his bed, where Niall and I had sat not a hour ago, his brown hair slightly wild, his hazel eyes fixed on me.

"What aren't you telling us Mags?" Lucas asked. "You can trust me."

I stood over my the door listening for the sound of Kian or Jacob, they probably put Lucas up to this.

"Maggie." Lucas begged. "Please tell me."

I looked over at the boy who trusted me more then anyone, the one who treated me like a true sister. Could I trust him?

I grab my bag heading into the bathroom without a sound. I quickly switch into a pair of soft pajama pants and a tank top. I brush my teeth quickly my mind whirling around stuck in the middle of my heart and brain's battle.

Should I tell Lucas? Can I trust him? What if he told Jacob or Kian?

What if he told the instructor? My eyes widened at the thought.

I shook my head cleaning up the bathroom, I had to tell someone, and out of the boys Lucas was the boy I could talk to.

I poke my head out of the bathroom to see the room had been plunged into darkness. A lump in the bed closest to the door turned to face me.

Lucas's hazel eyes flashed as I crawled into bed. "We'll talk in the morning, ok Maggie?"

"Ok." I said turning way from him. "In the morning."

I closed my eyes letting sleep take over, taking away all my nerves, problems and all my other troubles.

~The next morning~

I blinked my eyes up to the sight of the sunlight slanting in through the window. I look over to Lucas to see his mop of brown hair sticking out above the covers of his bed.

I let out a quiet laugh slipping out of bed. I put my feet on the boards that don't squeak, the sooner I could sneak out the room, the better. I grab a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt out of my dresser not shutting it all the way so as to keep it quiet.

I flipped over towards the door landing lightly on my feet opening the door. Without a sound I was out and closing the door.

I look around the halls praying no one would see me in my pajamas. Luckily no one was in the hall. I slip stopping in front of 25-4, Niall's room.

I raise my hand to knock, but something was stopping me. I lower my hand, instead just standing there.

I pull out my phone, a pen and a piece of paper.

"Going to meet some friends. Call me when you want to meet for Nandos. -Maggie"

I tape the note to his door and head for the elevators, there was someone I had to talk to. Someone I haven't talked to since I went to the academy.

I pushed the closed door button, watching the elevators doors close taking me further and further from my old life.



Sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been busy with school lately. I'll be updating me soon though.

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