Punk Perfect

This is a pitch perfect based story

Jaz was new to Barden University. At the recent Activities fair for the new year the Bellas want her for her body but a new member of the Trebles; Austin, want her for a girlfriend.
Will she join the Bellas or will the Trebles steal her? Will Austin get her or will the rapper of the Trebles; Donald, get her?


1. Jazs POV:orientation

I stepped out of my moms car. "Good luck Jaz" she said before popping the trunk. I grabbed my bags and put them on the cart. Another car drove by. The car stopped on the other side of the road. Music was playing out of the window. I looked over and this really attractive guy was singing along to Titanium by David Guetta. He was really good. He saw me looking at him and he turned towards me and started singing having really long eye contact with me. His parents turned the car off and he got out. "Austin." He said smiling. "Austin Carlile". "Jazmine Abbernathy." We shook hands. I pulled the rest of my bags out and he did the same. He has short black hair in a quiff and a nose ring. He was really tall. I slammed my trunk and hit it twice. My parents yelled out "good luck Jazzy! Love you" "yup. Thanks bye" i said and they drove off.

I grabbed the cart with my stuff on it and started walking towards freshman check in. "Jazmine!" I heard Austin. I stopped and turned around. He pulled up to me. "Call me Jaz. Please." I said. He smiled that adorable smile. "Okay. Well Jaz. Why dont we check in together." He said smiling still. I smiled "sure" we started walking again, pushing our carts. We got Seperated at check in. I saw Austin waiting under a tree nearby. I walked up to him. The upperclassmen took my stuff to my dorm. "Well hey there." I said lightly punching his arm. "Hey. What dorm are you in?" "Uhh Baker Hall i beileve. What about you?" "Same one" he smiled. "What room?" He asked. "Uh." I checked the piece of paper "345"i said. "Im in 234" he said. "Well let's head up should we?" I said. "Of course" he held out his arm. I took it smiling.

When we got inside i noticed that the floors were by the hundreds, first floor; first hundred. Second floor; second hundred. "Looks like your rooms first. " i said. "Would you mind helping me unpack?" He asked.. "Yeah sure" i smiled. He looked down at me and i looked back up at him. The elevator dinged and we looked for 234. When we got there he walked in, all his stuff was on a bed. His room mate looked over. "Helloo there pretty lady" he said. "Oh uh.. Hi" i said blushing. In not used to compliments. Austin looked upset. His roommate came up to me. "Whats your name?" He asked smiling. "Im Jaz. " i said. "Im Josh. sophomore." He said. "Im a freshman." "Well i got to go to the activities fair. Hopefully I'll see you there" he winked. I blushed. Austin stared at the door pissed.

"Hey.. Hey hey hey. Austin. Calm down." "Hes an ass" Austin said.. Why would he think that? He was just flirting with me. "Well why dont we go to the activity fair?" "So you can see that douche again?" "Im actually interested so if you want to be a bitch about this ill leave." I closed the door and went down to the activities fair. I cant beileve the guy i just met is already being an ass.

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