Punk Perfect

This is a pitch perfect based story

Jaz was new to Barden University. At the recent Activities fair for the new year the Bellas want her for her body but a new member of the Trebles; Austin, want her for a girlfriend.
Will she join the Bellas or will the Trebles steal her? Will Austin get her or will the rapper of the Trebles; Donald, get her?


9. Jaz's POV: Regionals and boy problems

*skip to regionals.*

We did our boring ass songs; keeping Bella traditon for the first one. We decided to make this performance a compitition between Trebles and Bellas. We'd pair up for the last two. We even told the judges that we count as one but two performances.

We finished our traditional set because Aubrey was in the front row. Then the Trebles went up. They did the same song they did for regionals last year. Donald started off the energy of the song; i was smilinng as he rapped and he was looking straight at me. Jesse and Austin shared a solo and Jesse sang looking at Beca; Austin looked at me. Donald gave him a stink eye. Damit they obviously had been fighting over me. They ended their set and the judges gave results. Donald stood next to Me, Austin stood with Jesse and Beca. God damnit

After the Show Donald came up to me, "so Jaz, how about i take you out tonight." He said. He never had been able to take me out since that night 3 weeks ago. "Sure" i said smiling. Everyone had started to go home. So Donald and i were alone in the hallway. He had me against the wall, one hand resting on the wall. He leaned down for a kiss when we heard someone say "Back. Away. From. Her. " it was Austin. Beca and Jesse had to still be here. Those three had been inseperable. Donald stood up fully "what are you gonna do about it douche." "Guys please dont." "No this has to happen" Austin said; rage surging through his eyes and body. "No it fucking doesnt!" I said getting in between them. Jesse and Beca came around the corner. "FUCK" Jesse said and ran over. He took Austins arm; Austin swung and punched Jesse set in the jaw. That snapped him out of it. "Oh my god Jesse im so sorry" he said. I was able to push Donald back. I pulled his face so he was looking at mine. "Dont do anything. Please. For me." I said. He looked deep into my eyes. His brown eyes searched for something. He recognized it. Fear. I was scared. Donald was my flirt buddy and Austin was my best friend. I didnt want either hurt.

"Come on Jaz." Donald said. I walked with him. I paused to hug Austin Jesse and Beca. "Ill be back later. I promise; ill be at my room." I said. I then continued walking with Donald. We went out to his car and he drove us around. "Where would you like to go?" "Well seeing its 11 o clock why dont we just park somewhere and sit and talk" i said looking at him. He concentrates when he drives. He smiled. "Sure; ill find a park. We can sit on the roof and look at the stars" he offers up. "Thats a good idea" i said. He pulled into a park and parked. Hehe parked in a park. Okay im good. We climbed out and hopped onto the roof. Still in costume from our performance. Mine consisted of a dark blue shirt, white jeans, black heeled boots and my scarf tied onto my wrist. I untied the scarf and threw it inside the car. I cuddled into Donalds side and we started talking.

We talked for 2 hours. Pointing out stars and then towards the end he turned onto his side. I did the same. "Tonight was fun.. This was fun" he said emphasizing The word "this". I smiled. "It was" i agreed. "I would like to make this a thing. Taking you out after performances."he said. "That would be awesome. Lets just keep the almost fighting my best friend to tonight" i said yawning slightly. He yawned too. It was really cute, the way he yawns. "Why dont we head back" i offered. "That sounds good" he said and kissed me. I didnt even register it at first. Then i did. We sat up and he pulled me closer. The kiss intensified. After a minute he pulled away. "That woke me up" he said smiling smugly. This little shit. "I promised Beca id be in my dorm tonight. So we really should go" i said kissing him quickly before hopping off the car. I walked away a bit to stretch my legs. He jumped down after me and grabbed me on the waist from behind. He picked me up. "The car is this way" he said pulling me towards the car." I was stretching" I squealed. He propped me up against the car. Both his arms on either side of me. When he looked around i pulled my shirt down slightly. He looked at me and i was already staring into his eyes. He smirked. He leaned forward and we kissed. This kiss quickly turned into a quicky. We ended up having sex right there. Against his car; now thats what i call class. Afterwards we got in the car and he put one hand on my upper left thigh. His way of trying to convince me to stay the night with him. He moved his hand up more and then started playing with me through my jeans. He smirked. "Pull the car over" i told him. He smiled and did so. We reclined the seat and got into the back; he owned a Hummer so it was easily enough room. We went for round two. This time not as quick. We laid with eachother in the back. I checked the time; 2:45 am. Fuck. "Shit Donald its almost three. Lets get back. And dont play with me againn." I said kissing his nose he smirked. We climbed to the front and he started driving to the campus again. We got there and he walked me to the tree. I looked up and i could see Beca looking out our window. Jesse at her side. I pulled Donald behind the tree. Beca or Jesse hadn't seen us yet. He leaned down and we kissed again. More intense the the last few. I was falling for Donald and i was falling for Austin. Fuck. He pulled away and gave me a hug. He handed me a rose and walked away. I did the same. I walked up to my dorm and opened it. "That took a while" "we laid down and watched the stars. Sorry" i said. We all got changed. Austin stayed the night with me. He smelled really good too. Not the same smell as Donald. More... Bad boyish smell. I drifted off with both boys in my mind.. This was horrible.

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