Punk Perfect

This is a pitch perfect based story

Jaz was new to Barden University. At the recent Activities fair for the new year the Bellas want her for her body but a new member of the Trebles; Austin, want her for a girlfriend.
Will she join the Bellas or will the Trebles steal her? Will Austin get her or will the rapper of the Trebles; Donald, get her?


8. Austins POV; Riff Off

After i saw her making out with Donald i ran upstairs and cried into my pillow. "Awwwhh did bad girl break your heart?" Josh asked. "Fuck off asshole" i said. I turned off my light and laid down to sleep. Then next morning i ran upstairs to Beca and Jazs room. I knocked three times. Jesse Answered. "Shes not here. Beca went to meet up with someone to give them clothes for her. Come on in." He said. I sat down on Jaz's bed. "I guess i over reacted last night. I needa talk to her." "Ive already tried calling her 3 times. Text her if you want; shes not answering." Beca said walking in. "And according to the person shes with shes still sleeping."

We sat talking about her and other things for the next hour. She walked into the room after an hour or so. "Fuck" she murmered. I ran up and gave her a hug. I sat back down quickly."Where'd you go last night?" Jesse asked. "You didnt tell them Beca?" "I thought youd want too" she said. Jaz took a breath. "After everyhing that happened last night" she said closing the door, "i didnt want to stay here. So i called up Donald and i stayed the night with him. Nothing happened. I just didnt want to stay here." She said. I sighed. I was really worried about her. We spent the day together. We had sing offs to Becas remixes. Then i passed out here with Jaz and Jesse and Beca. This was how most days went...

One night Bumper brought us to a emptied out pool. People had beers and were sitting on the edge. Bumper slid down one side and landed. We all followed. Slowly the three other a chapella groups came in. I saw Jaz and Beca. Donald looked to Bumper who nodded. Donald ran over to Jaz and gave her a hug. Beca came over to Jesse. I stood with them. "Listen, Austin. Jaz and Donald.. They just.. Let it play out. Donald never sticks with one girl too long" Jesse said. "You sure?" "Positive." Beca said.. I nodded. Justin had one group make a siren sound and Beca ran back to her group. Donald came over to us.

"WELCOME TO THE RIFF OFF!" The crowd cheered "lets get vocal!" He said and let it spin. It landed on "songs about sex" the bellas started singing a Rihanna song. Then Donald started singing Lets talk about Sex. Stacy came up and started singing but I cut her off. I started to sing I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island. We won that one. He spun again and it landed on "New Age". Well thats simple. Or so we thought. Jaz started singing Titanium. Donald was about to run up when i pushed past and ran up. I cut her off smiling and started to sing Bruno Mars' Just The Way you are to Jaz. She turned around but Beca motioned for her to stay up. I knew what was going on. Jaz stared into my eyes. Then she smiled. I knew what she was gonna do. She motioned for me to stop and started singing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Donald ran up and cut her off. He started singing Magic. She walked back. I joined in with his singing. Soon enough everyone was joining us. We ended the song and we won. Jaz walked up to me and gave me a hug. "That was awesome" she said Beca came over and took Jaz back to the bellas. Jesse called me and the rest of the Trebles over to him. "That was good tonight guys" "we would have done better if Austin didnt take over" Donald said. "Guys-" "if you wanted to take over you could have called me back, but you didnt. So i sang. I kept us in this so fuck off" "you made this the Austin and Jaz show." Donald said. "Well, you little fucker, why dont you shut the fuck up because we won both thanks to fucking me. I sang songs you fucking didnt" Bumper got in between us. I didnt realise that i had balled my fists up. "Guys guys. Stop." "Your fighting over a BELLA. As in Danger zone! Remember?" Jesse said. I just wanted to punch Donald. I unclenched my hands and walked away. Jesse followed. The Bellas had already left. Jesse walked over with a beer. "Listen. Drink and we can sort this out later. " he said handing me a beer. I downed it and we walked back over. "Rehearsals tommorw. Noontime. See you then" Jesse said. Jesse and i stayed back. After everyone had left is when we left. We walked back to Jaz and Becas dorm room. We knocked and Jaz answered. She blushed when she saw me. She was only in my shirt. She looked adorable. It was humongous on her tiny frame. "Hey guys" she said letting us in. I sat down with her and Jesse kissed Becas nose then sat with her. We all laid down after yawning. I took my shirt off and Jaz cuddled into me. We fell asleep like this.

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