Punk Perfect

This is a pitch perfect based story

Jaz was new to Barden University. At the recent Activities fair for the new year the Bellas want her for her body but a new member of the Trebles; Austin, want her for a girlfriend.
Will she join the Bellas or will the Trebles steal her? Will Austin get her or will the rapper of the Trebles; Donald, get her?


6. Austin's POV: Initiation night

On the walk around the campus i tried to get the nerve up to atleast flirt with her. I couldnt. She sang straight to me and she was fine. God shes beautiful. Her singing was amazing as well. I mean mine was okay. But im more of a screamer in music so.. But Jaz! Oh my god. I think i fell for her even more. We rounded to our Dormatory. I hugged her before we went to our dorms and sat seperate. I heard a knock on my door. I opened it. It was Jesse. "Sorry Bro" he said and put a bag on my head.

*jump past the travel*

They pulled the bag off my head after they said "look whose in Trebble" classic pun. After running us through some rules and then giving us our jackets we headed down to where they were throwing a party. All the achapella singers were there. The bellas werent there yet. I grabbed a red solo cup and filled it with beer. I started talking to the other trebles. Bumper wasnt too bad of a guy. His right hand man Donald wasnt that bad either. the bellas showed up. I filled another cup with beer and walked over. "Well looks like your a Bella now" i smiled handing her the cup. She took a sip. "And it looks like your a Trebble" she said looking kind if upset. What was i missing. I looked at my empty cup. "Im gonna go refill. I'll be back" i said and walked towards the beer cooler. One of the other Bellas; Stacy, i think her name is, was sitting there. "Hey whats with Jaz? She seems upset that im a Trebble" " Bellas arent aloud to get with Trebbles. Audrey's rule. The only exception is Jesse and Beca" she said. Looking down at my crotch. "Oh.." I said hurt. This ruins the chance of me and her. I refilled my cup. "Well thanks Stac" i said and walked back towards her. "You found out didnt you?" She asked. "Yeah" i said. "I didnt think itd upset you though" she said. "Whys that? And why does it upset you?" "Well.. You bumper and Donald are pretty cute." She said looking around. "Oh." "And why are you upset about it?" "Because uh.. You are really cute and i li- like being your friend but wouldnt uh.. Mind being something uh.. More.." I stuttered out. Looking away. She turned my head towards her. "Your really drunk right now arent you?" She asked and i took this chance. "Just a bit" i pretend slurred. She laughed and walked away. I went to fill up my cup as the music got turned on. I looked around taking a sip of my newly filled beer; Donald was talking to Jaz. They were flirting. As long as he doesnt bone her I'll be fine. Otherwise there will be punches thrown.

I did what she was doing; i walked around flirting and drinking and singing. Stacy started grinding on me and i was so drunk i didnt care. Id regret this. After the party started to wane down i ran over to Jaz who was grinding on Bumper. "May steal this dance?" "Of course" we started dancing and i whispered "let's go back to your room" i said. "Okay" she responded. I grabbed one more cup of beer and walked up to Beca, who was still grinding on Jesse. "If anything happens tonight, dont let anyone know" i slurred. "Promise" the both said. We headed back to her dorm. I stopped in mine for clothes and a condom. Who knows whats gonna happen.

I ran up to her room to find her laying in her bed, in only her bra and panties. Oh jeez. As if she didnt turn me on already. She sat up. "Well hey there sexy" she said as i walked through the door. "Hey gorgeous" i slurred. I walked up to her bed and took my shirt off. I climbed into bed and she straddled me. "So whats planned for tonight?" She slurred. "Whatever you wish sexy bunny" i replied. We were equally trashed. She grinded a little on me and the space in my pants reduced.

I think you get the point of what happened next.

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