Punk Perfect

This is a pitch perfect based story

Jaz was new to Barden University. At the recent Activities fair for the new year the Bellas want her for her body but a new member of the Trebles; Austin, want her for a girlfriend.
Will she join the Bellas or will the Trebles steal her? Will Austin get her or will the rapper of the Trebles; Donald, get her?


2. Austin's POV: activities fair.

I cant beileve how i was acting. I let this beautiful girl, with dark red hair put half up, ice blue eyes, double nose ring, a lip stud and a bunch of ear peircings, go. I had just met her. I cant beileve i let this happen. Why was i acting so wierd? Yeah she was cute and funny but i had just met her. I couldnt let her go. I grabbed my phone and ran to the activities fair. I spotted her talking to the Bellas. I had heard of them. They are an achapella singing group. I didnt think of Jaz as the achapella type. She seemed more punk. I dont know. I saw her walk away so i ran up to her. "Jaz. I dont know why i acted that way. Your cute Adorable and funny. I just didnt want him to hurt you. He seems like he would." I said. "Well.. Austin.. I moved here from San Deigo; thats over 3000 miles, just so i wouldnt have to be protected. I wanted to be on my own for once" i looked away. "I.. I understand." I said. She sighed. "Austin.. Would you accompany me around the activities fair?" She asked. I perked up. I smiled a big smile. "Of course" i held out my arm and she took it. We walked around the activities fair. The bellas talked to her so i walked away. Those girls creep me out. Thier.. Preps. I walked over towards the singing. It was another achapella group. The treblemakers.

I walked up and they were singing still. I stood and watched. When they finished a guy came up to me. "Looking to join?" He asked. "Sort of. Kinda. I dont know. I dont sing often." I said. "Well. Whats your name?" "Austin." I said. "Well im Bumper. I'll see you at audition if you end up going" he smiled and snapped his fingers. One of his other group members walked up to me. He handed me a flyer with a date and place on it. "Okay... Yeah" i smiled.

Jaz came up behind me and poked my sides. I chuckled and squirmed a bit. I turned around. "Hey cutie"i smiled. She giggled and blushed. God she was beautiful. "Hey " she said. "How was the bellas?" I asked. "Interesting.. To say the least. Preps too." She fake shivered. "I know the feel. The treblemakers want me to audition but i dont sing." I said. She laughed "Austin you sang in front of me when you first got here." "Shit your right" i chuckled. She laughed and i couldnt stop myself from staring. Her laugh was amazing. It was adorable. If she laughed hard she made a cute little snort. God. I've only known her for a day but shes so perfect. I knew i was forming a crush... Dammit!

"Hey wierdo!" She said driving me out of my trance. "We should head inside." She smiled. "Good idea" i said. I put my arm out once again. She took it and we went inside. "Your room or mine?" I asked. "Let's go check out mine" she said. "sounds good." I smiled. We hit the third floor button. When the elevator dinged we went to her room. 345

"Hey i guess your my roommate. I hope you- oh hey Jaz" this girl brown hair and a bunch of ear piercings, also she had her music equipment set out. "Whose this Jaz?" "Oh uh Beca this is Austin" "you two know eachother?" I asked "shes in the bellas" Jaz said. "Is this your boyfriend?" Beca asked. "Oh no no no. Hes my-" "best friend" i finished. I didnt want to know what she was gonna say.. I wouldnt mind being her boyfriend. But best friend will do. She unattached herself from my arm. I frowned inside. She blushed a bit. God she was attractive.

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