The Other Side

I'm 17 and my name is Emily i have been in highschool for two years and i am just now finishing it to go onto college when something changes me to be a side i have never known was in me.


2. the date

                                                                    Emily P.O.V

   When my mom opened the door all i saw was a nice handsome man im guessing Randy. I liked him already because he wasnt like the others, the others stuck their tounges down her throut and wanted her for money but he didnt he liked her for her being a single mother taking care of a teen with no support from anyone. Anyways he introduced himself and as i thought he said,

"Shall we get going"

i said "Where are u guys going"

"well im taking your mother on a dinner date" 

Damn it!

I knew it now i have the house alone in a neighborhood i'm not even familiar with yet

"i have a son at home i thought maybe u guys could get to know each other so he will be over soon if thats okay with you"  he said

thank you " i said kindly, i felt relieved but uneasy about this son of his

About 5 minutes later after they left i decided if my mother wasnt going to eat the food i bought i should .

After the food was done i sat on the couch watching disney eating the pasta when the doorbell rang guessing that might be Randys son he sent over to meet me.

Once i opened the door he was like heaven in front of me with those hazel eyes and those brown locks on his head i could feel him getting tense at me just staring ar him but i just couldn't help it and then he broke my trance saying

"take a picture it lasts longer"

"sorry"i said feeling embaresed 

"thats fine but hey are u emily "

"yeah and you are"

"freezing may i come inside"

"yea sorry again"


"what"i asked confused 

"justin thats my name"



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