The Other Side

I'm 17 and my name is Emily i have been in highschool for two years and i am just now finishing it to go onto college when something changes me to be a side i have never known was in me.


3. rest of the night

                                                          Justin P.O.V

      "justin thats my name" i said nervous wondering if she knew about me i was the bad kid that sat in the back of class that bothered the nerds until the bell rang and the thing about it is im popular so you kinda have to do this wether you like it or not.But im not like that while im not at school actually im a nerd when it comes to it.

 "emily" she said in a sweet whisper

"nice to meet you emily" i said with a friendly wink at the end

A wierd silence grew over us for about a minute when i broke it when saying

"so where are you going to school"

"havent really thought about i just got here about a week ago"she said in annoyance 

"alright well it starts in a week or two" i replied holding my hands as if surenduring to her tone of voice

another silence came over us and i just took in her beauty with her brown hair just like mine but no highlights ,and her seablue eyes dont even get me started on her perfect curves. Just then something came over me and i started leaning in not knowing what happend.

                                                          Emily P.O.V

  I felt ackward when i could feel justins body heat radiating off to me then i turned my head to ask if he wanted anything to eat or drink and i felt those plump lips on mine that were so perfect after my daydreaming session i realized my moms boyfriends son is kissing me on her couch but i threw that sound and voice away and stoped the makeout session.

"what was that for" he said hungry in his rapsy

"did it ever occur to you that were making out on my couch when we just met 4 hours ago"

"so"he said as if nothing was wrong

Just then the door rang and it was my mom and randall, i opened it and let them in and said my goodbyes when i got to justin i hugged him and he hugged back while just before pulling away he grabbed my ass ,gasping silently just for justin to hear and i could feel a smirk grow on his face.

After waiting pacietly for my mother to quit swollowing him before leaving justin said before leaving "nice meeting you emily" with a wink but this time it didnt seem friendly not at all.                                                          






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