The Other Side

I'm 17 and my name is Emily i have been in highschool for two years and i am just now finishing it to go onto college when something changes me to be a side i have never known was in me.


1. moving

                                                                             Emily P.O.V

                    My name is Emily and i just moved from L.A to Canada because of my moms 'new job opportunity' when coinsidentily her boyfriend happens to live a few houses down. My mom works for a A/c company and she makes good money while i work for a Starbucks down the way. Tommorrow is my first day at work which i am not looking for so i have to go get some pants to meet their uniform requirements, so i better go get dressed before the stores close. 

After i got dressed i got my keys and threw them in my bag along with my purse, right when i was a bout to leave my mom yelled 

"Emy can u pick up something nice to eat for tonight Randy coming over and i dont want him to be hungry"

"Sure when is he coming"

"About half of an hour or so "

"Alright i'll be back soon"

As soon as i left i thought of where i could go to get something nice to eat because nice to my family fast food. I Went to walmart and got raviolies and bread along with the pants i need to start my job tommorrow.

After i got home i saw my mom was dressed fancy i wonder why it wasn't like she was going out tonight "hey mom what-" and right when i was in the middle of talking the doorbell rang.

Ding Dong!




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