She's Not Afraid

(WARNING: rated r)
Demi Lovato looked like an average teenage girl. But inside she was everything but. She was bullied. among other things so nobody wanted to be her friend. One day her sister, also her only friend, takes Demi somewhere and it changes her life forever. But everything is not what it seems. What happens when the mysterious Louis Tomlinson enters her life? I guess you'll have to wait and see.

I did change the description because it didn't work with the story, if you were confused.


11. Boot Camp

Okay so this chapter is the start of all the x-factor stuff. I will most likely get information wrong, or I did it on purpose for the story so yea.



Demi's POV

This was it. Today's the day. The x-factor competition phase officially starts today. Right now I'm walking around the studio just taking in my surroundings. There were different groups of all different people all standing around singing, or playing instruments. I was never good at making friends so I found a nice corner and started picking out a song i wanted to sing for boot camp week. I had a few ideas, but I wanted to listen to them again before I decided. I had been listening to a few songs for only 5 minutes when a boy with blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen walked up to me. I was so caught up looking at his eyes I didn't even realize he was trying to talk to me until he was waving his hands in front of my face.

"Oh..sorry...what??"I said trying to hide the blush that I knew was forming on my cheeks.

"I said..why are you standing all by yourself over here." His accent obviously Irish.

"I..uh...I've never been good at making friends." Even I could sense the awkwardness in my own voice."

"Well, lucky for you I love making new friends. Why don't you come join us." He said pointing o a group of about 5 or 6 people.

"Uh okay thanks." I said. and before I knew it he had grabbed my hand and was practically pulling towards the crowd.

"Hey guys this is um.....oh I totally forgot to get your name." He said obviously embarrassed

"Oh its um Demi. Demi Lovato."

"Niall Horan" He said extending his hand. "Nice to meet you." 


Did I just make a friend?



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