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21. For Sydney

Liam's POV

Today i'm gonna ask Sydney for a date.i cant' wait more i like her alot i mean she's so beautiful , her smile , her eyes, her lips , her hair , the way she talks .. she's so perfect i relly like her an i cant wait her to be mine.but i should telll the boys before i ask her.

Niall's POV 

i really like the new girl in college, Sydney. i really want her to be my girl. She's so pretty. i love her smile.i'm planning to tell the boys about it and then i'll ask her out.

Louis' POV

All 5 of us were sitting in the cafe having lunch and talking about random stuff. we were all having fun untill Liam said :

" Guys i wanna tell you all something very important."

" woah .. i also wanna tell something." Niall said just after Liam.

" you tell first." Niall told Liam.

"umm i .. i wanted to tell that i'm in love .."

Sydney's POV

i was free from my Drama class so i went in the cafe. as i entered i saw the boys sitting on our usual table. i started to walk to them but then i heard Liam saying

"umm i .. i wanted to tell that i'm in love.."

my heart tore into two because i really like him and wanted to be his girl.WHAT?! Liam is in love ? i asked myself.

" who's the lucky girl , man?!" Zayn said. 

i heard their conversation without being seen. i was dying to hear that ' lucky ' girl's name.

" Sydney. " Liam replied smiling. 


i was feeling my self on the moon until i heard Niall

" What ?! you love Sydney ? Liam , dont even think about her she's mine." 

WHAT?!!?!? NIALL LOVED ME ? I thought Niall just as a friend but he ..?

" What ? how can you say that she's yours?" Liam asked Niall.

" cause i love her .. truly." Niall said. "..and i wont let you try anything on her."

"What the hell Niall ? i love Sydney! who are you to judge my love?.."

"Guys .. guys please ! calm down !" Harry said calming both of them down.

" Sydney her self will decide who she wants to be with..so just chill." Harry said.

 my decision? it was clear. i loved Liam .. but .. Niall ? he's a very good friend .. i don't want to lose him.

"  sydney's here.." Zayn said breaking the silence.

Harry came to me and  started speaking " Sydney i want to tell.." 

" i've heard everything." i said interrupting him.

Liam and Niall were embarrassed.

" so what's your answer?" Louis said.

Liam and Niall looked into my eyes searching for the answer.after silence of 5 minutes i queitly said.

" Liam".

i could see the sorrow in Niall's eyes.he looked so broken.

" i am sorry Niall , i really am .. but ..i ..liked.."

"its alright". Niall said interrupting me , controling his tears he left the cafe.

i was extremely sad for him. 

Niall's POV

it broke my heart to see that.But if Sydney was happy so was i.She was really happy with Liam , he is a good guy , Sydney is good in his hands.Now atleast i was one step closer to find my real princess.

The end 

hope you  like it :)xx

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