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25. For Sophie


Sophie's POV

It is Christmas Eve and after hustling and bustling for the last few days leading up to now,gratefully enjoying a quiet night by the fire with Niall.  we’d been home from my parents’ house for about half an hour, and Niall had lit the fire as soon as we’d both come through the door.  “Hmmm,” i sigh happily.  “I couldn’t agree more,” Niall says, popping another one of my mom’s famous Christmas cookies into his mouth.  The clock in the corner of the room bangs out twelve bongs, signaling midnight, and the official start to Christmas.  “Merry Christmas,” i whisper.  Niall doesn’t answer.  Instead he just shifts position and looks you in the eye.  He’s suddenly not so calm and relaxed.  “Something wrong?” i ask.  “I’ve been waiting a really long time to give you your present, and now that it’s technically Christmas, I’d like to give it to you now,” he explains.  “Ok, sure,” i agree, excited to see what it might be.  He gets up and pulls a large square box out from behind the tree. I furrow my brow in confusion, not expecting such a giant gift.  He places it on the floor in front of me and I don’t hesitate to start tearing into it.  Inside is another, smaller box.  i rip into that one, only to find another smaller box.  This pattern continues for four or five more boxes until the only one left is a tiny one that’s small enough to sit in the palm of my hand.  i shred away the paper to reveal a velvet ring box.  my breath catches in my throat as i lift the lid.  Inside is a dazzling diamond ring.  At the sight of it, i start vigorously nodding my head and saying, ”Yes!  Yes, of course!”  Niall laughs, all earlier traces of discomfort gone.  “I haven’t even asked you yet!”  “Oh, right.  Sorry.”  He laughs again before continuing.  “ Sophie , will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”  “YES!” i shout out as Niall places the ring on my finger.  i promptly jump into his arms and shower him in kisses.


The End

Hope you like it. x

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