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26. For Senyett

Senyett's POV

Niall and Justin Bieber were friends and had recently introduced you to him. me and Justin had formed a friendship and great relationship instantly. Justin kept wanting to talk and spend time with me, and Niall was starting to regret introducing the two of us together. Justin had asked me to be in the latest video clip with him and i accepted. i were on scene and it was a scene where i was the main girl Justin wanted, he was singing directly to me. we were both locked on each others eyes, and the director says, “cut!” everyone stops and i stepped back from Justin. “okay that was great, last little part now” the director says and you notice Niall leaning on the wall in the back with his arms crossed not looking very happy. “I need a break” i say to Justin and walk to Niall. “Niall what’s wrong babe?” “princess I love you and everything but I don’t want to share you with Justin” Niall sighs, “Niall are you jealous?” “yeah a little” Niall says as his cheeks go red, “Niall don’t be, i love you and only you, Justin and I are just friends. If it makes you feel any better I won’t continue the video” you say and kiss Niall passionately. “no continue it, show him that I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world, he should be jealous of me” Niall says as you break apart. “exactly you have me and he doesn’t” you add before kissing Niall again. “ Senyett are you ready?” i hear Justin say, and at that you go back on set and continue shooting, making sure Justin sees exactly how good you are, and how much you love Niall.

The End

Hope You Like It. x

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