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18. For Lauren

Lauren's POV

It was my first date with Niall today and i was very excited and a little bit nervous too.i searched through my dresses and chose a navy blue dress which came to my knees. i tied my brown hair into a braided bun.I was wearing high heels and small matching flower ear rings.

my phone rang 

" Hey babe , i'm here " Niall said.

" alright , coming in a minute "

i grabbed my clutch and ran downstairs and opened the door to see Niall standing in a suit.He was looking so handsome.

"Hey gorgeous ! " he winked

"Hey handsome!" i smiled and replied.

he grabbed my hand and lead me to his car , he opened the door for me , led me in and got in the car from his own side.

once we entered the restaurant it was empty.

"The table for two is ready , sir." waiter said to Niall.

we went and sat on the table.

" This restaurant is so famous and its always crowded , i wonder whats wrong!"

" Nothing's wrong! i've rented this restaurant tonight for us." he smirked.

" What ?! Really ?! "

" yes , i didn't want paparazzi and screaming fans around to ruin our day.

"oh , Thankyou Niall."

we had dinner and talked about ourselves.

" May i have a dnce , beautiful ? "

" of course you may." i said giggling

" You're looking very beautiful Lauren , I'm very lucky to have you." he whispered in my ear while dancing on a soft music.

after dancing we got out of the restaurant and Niall drived to my home.

" why don't you come in ?" i asked him as we reached my home , i didn't want him to go.


we came in and layed at the backyard watching the stars.

" Do you even know how much i love you , Lauren?" he said looking into my eyes.

i blushed and smiled he leaned on and kissed me. we had kissed eachother before but this one was very different and special.

" i love you Niall " i said as he layed back down.

we sat for a long time and talked.

Niall's POV

" Lauren , What are your plans for tommorow? " 

she didn't answer so i rolled over her side and saw her sleeping.she was looking so beautiful , just like an angel. i love her so much i can't even explain. i kissed her lips and carried her upstairs to her room.

" oh crap , but you're still in yor dress." i am such a idiot i didn't realize that i was loud and i woke her up.

" what?" she said

" oh babe i carried you in yor room because you were asleep." i told her

" Get some rest , baby , i love you."

i follwed him down stairs.

" bye love."

Lauren's POV

" bye Niall."| i said and closed the door.

after 15 minutes i got a text.

" thankyou so much lauren. it was the best night of my life , love Niall."

i smiled to myself and said " it really was the best night." 

The end

this one is my favourite :D

hope you like it. :)xx






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