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9. For Karlee

"Karlee's POV

It was saturday and Louis and i were going out for a dinner today.

i had no idea what to  wear.i went to my closet and searched through my dresses i finally chose a black knee long dress with matching high heels and clutch.i curled my hair and gave a smoky touch to my eyes.

 i heard the door bell.Louis was here.i quickly grabbed my clutch and ran downstairs to open the door.i opened the door and saw him standing with beautiful red roses.

" hello beautiful !" he said smirking.

" hi handsome " i replied smiling.

" Beautiful roses for my beautiful babe. " he said giving the roses to me.

"aww thankyou so much baby. " he gave me a quick but a cute kiss in reply.

" ready to go go?"

i nodded. 

"Great , lets go."

we got in the car and he started driving.there was silence  in the car until i spoke

" Louis , i think we're on the wrong way .. we left the restaurant behind."

" Just wait and watch baby."

"but .." 

" Shh No more questions!" he ordered.

the car finally came to the stop. The place where the car stopped wa where i met Louis for the first time.

" why are we here?"

he didn't answer , grabbed my habd and took me inside.

it was all dark. 

suddenly i started to see some lights up.

there was a table set up so nicely and lights around it.

" Louis , i love it !" i said kissing him on his cheek.

" i thought you would ." he said smiling at me.

he seated me down on the chair and sat right across from me.

after we finished eating he got up and came to me and bent down to his knees and said ,

" Karlee , i have known you for a year noe and i honestly love you.will you do me the honour of my wife and will you be the mother of my children?"

tears of joy and happiness streamed down on my face.

"Yes , of course!!!" i said 

i hugged him and gave him a passionate kiss.

the end

hope you like it , Karlee :)xx                                                           


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